Kyosho Rolls-Royce Phantom I - Green & Black •

Kyosho Rolls-Royce Phantom I – Green & Black

We first highlighted these models back in  January 2017.  They are the 1:18 Rolls-Royce Phantom I in Green and Black exterior.  Kyosho has forwarded us some production images of the two.  Not our cup of tea, but surely there is a market for the pair.  North America should see the Black arrive November and the Green shortly after in December.  Suggested retail $249US a piece.

Product# 08931BK / 08931G

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6 Responses to "Kyosho Rolls-Royce Phantom I – Green & Black"

  1. Lausambaychua says:

    Are these models belong to the Original line, being made of die-cast metal and all? Because if they are, I’m gonna get myself one of these.

  2. Asano says:

    Yes, diecast.

  3. ASANO says:

    The package incl. convertible and soft top to be removed.

  4. Lausambaychua says:

    Well folks, thank you all for giving me some ideas. Will definitely consider adding this to the collection.

  5. smsr725 says:

    Such a brilliant car, made horribly wrong by Kyosho. While it is in metal, there are simply too many flimsy plastic parts which creates havoc if you miss out to be extremely careful while handling this model. At the slightest touch, the mirrors will snap, door handles will fall off, wipers will drop, the dashboard piece would become loose, and what not. Even lifting the model, you literally have to carefully observe and place your fingers at certain particular spot to find the metal base else you will be putting undue pressure either on the springs, or on the side board and then realize you have again created another damage to the model. It may look nice on the display but the model should have been sturdier to justify the investment.

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