Kyosho SUV Gone Crazy! •

Kyosho SUV Gone Crazy!

The team at Kyosho has number of SUV announcements this month.  The feature model is the new 1:18 Land Rover Defender 90 Final Edition in Grasmere Green Metallic “Heritage” and 1:18 Land Rover Defender 90 Final Edition in Corris Grey “Autobiography” are added to the fold.  Models feature front grill Heritage version, wheel rim Heritage version, “HUE 166” logo on the front fender of the driver side, logo in white on the mud guards and much more.  There is also a Phoenix Orange “Adventure” model in the works, details will be announced very soon.  Retail is suggested at $149US, store date is Q4 2016.

From Kyosho’s OUSIA series the new 1:18 Range Rover Sport SVR.  OUSUA caters to closed-body made of diecast metal.  Two colours will be i initially offered, Santorini Black and Indus Silver.  Retail is suggested at $99US each, store date is Q4 2016.

ky_08901GGR (1) ky_08901GGR (2) ky_08901GGR (3)

ky_08901CGR (2) ky_08901CGR (3) ky_08901CGR (1)

ky_08901GGR (4) ky_160809 (2) ky_160809 (5)

ky_160809 (3) ky_160809 (4) ky_160809 (1)

Product# C09542BK / C09542S / 08901GGR / 08901CGR


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6 Responses to "Kyosho SUV Gone Crazy!"

  1. Roberto says:

    Wow, these Defenders are awesome! glad i didnt buy the other ones. the green adn orange ones are musts. they look diecast also!

  2. tommy says:

    Are the Range Rover seal and Defender 90 opened?

  3. Michel says:

    Hi, where can I get the preorder of those land rover’s?

  4. K Brits says:

    Good day

    We are interested in all 3 of the 90 defenders. When is it for sale and how much?

    And can send it to South Africa

    We have a Land Rover workshop and have a lot of vehicles, that’s collectors

    Thank You

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