LCD Models New McLaren Senna GTR! •

LCD Models New McLaren Senna GTR!

Another hot release is upcoming for fans of the supercar variety. LCD Models has unveiled their version of the 1:18 scale McLaren Senna GTR. This full 360 access model is littered with details, even functional mirrors. The only question, with AUTOart’s example just about to sail, will there be any appetite for this one? LCD Models, love the passion, but maybe you should focus on something new and not already in production? There is no official word on the colour palette of the release date at this time. Stay with us for the latest!

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22 Responses to "LCD Models New McLaren Senna GTR!"

  1. Ole Andre says:

    After looking at the pictures i can see that this is the GTR version of the Senna, not the standard Senna. Just soo everyone knows. The easy way to see that is the back wing and the stearing wheel. Allso the side windows

  2. Zoki says:

    It is the GTR version.

  3. Adam Wilczynski says:

    It would be great if they’ve made the P1 in Amethyst Black especially if some of us missed out on the TSM version

  4. Rafa says:

    I am hoping that LCD will develop more modelcars. I only have the Honda Civic Type R from them and I hope to put my hands on a Mclaren 600LT. Also they will produce the Toyota 2000 GT, a must have for a collector who did not bought it from Autoart. Great to see diecast at the best price on the market, considering the very good quality and details of the modelcars. Well done LCD and just keep surprising us.

  5. . says:

    They might be making also a pagani zonda and zenvo st1 just go to diecast arena fb group

  6. Eric says:

    I agree!! LCD keeps previewing future models that Autoart already produced or announced….. this hobby needs more of variety!!!! There are sooo many more significant cars and trucks that have never been produced!!!

    • Tomcatters says:

      Felt this way about the Toyota and McLaren F1, but neither the Zonda Barchetta nor the Senna GTR have been announced/released by AUTOart

      • DS Team says:

        Senna is close to GTR variant, and nearly positive since the investment is there the GTR would eventually arrive from AUTOart. Though that Zonda Barchetta is uber delicious!

    • . says:

      This is called direct competition. If LCD creates a better car model then we would be all happier won’t we. And of course people like me who were young when the AA F1 came out didn’t have the funds to buy one at the time. It sounds like you care more about the exclusivity of AA Signature and the unreasonable price hike that these old AA models have now. Besides the AA F1’s front fascia didn’t have the proper shape but LCD Models have replicated it quite accurately for a fraction of a cost that AA F1’s have right now

      • . says:

        Also to add competition often breeds to better products and I don’t want to pay shitloads of money for a non-opening resin(plastic).

  7. Anthony White says:

    I would have to compare both models to each other and see what colors are available.

  8. Paolo says:

    A little disappointed with the wheel

  9. Lykan Hypersutra says:

    I Already Have a Resine Senna Sitting In My Cabinet, So I Think I’m Gonna Skip The Autoart Release And Replace My Resine Model With GTR By LCD Models. It’s Diecast And I’m Sure It’s Gonna Be Cheaper Compared To Autoart. Seriously, Screw Brand Loyalty. Never Cared For Stuff Like This And Never Will. It Never Pays Off, Especially With Autoart. Diecast Yesterday, Composit TodayAnd Resine Tomorrow(?).

    It Would Be Great To See HP Barchetta And Zenvo ST1 Made By LCD Models. I’ve Been Thinking Of Buying Both Made Of Resine And I’m So Happy I Didn’t Pull The Trigger….

    McLaren F1 Looks Great Too. I’m Not Sure I Want One Though Unless It’s a High Mirror Version. How Come No One Made One So Far? TSM Released a High Mirror Model In 1:43 Scale But No 1:18 Version As Far As I Know.

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