LCD Models New Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta! (UPDATE) •

LCD Models New Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta! (UPDATE)

** UPDATE ** Looks like LCD Models will be including additional fantasy colours of the new Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta.  In addition to Carbon Fibre Blue, there will be Carbon Fibre Purple and White.  We added some photos below.  Is this a good thing or bad?

Two new releases in one week, well, maybe we were too quick to judge LCD Models.  They definitely aren’t falling asleep behind the wheel!  The latest project features are a full opening 1:18 scale version of the Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta.  And based on our recent review of the BBR, we see a lot more we like here!  First, full access is what these supercars should be, the transformation from closed to open is just outrageous!  Not to mention the overall execution level is bringing us back to when AUTOart did bring the collector a truly “complete” model inside and out.  Well done LCD Models!

The little things are done right what we didn’t like with the BBR are addressed here.  Example centre storage area brings that additional level of detailing from the exterior side.  And LCD Models goes one step above, you have full access too!  This also extends to the glove box and positional mirrors on the exterior side.  Also, the motor detailing is sharp and definition with intensity and passion, a passion that is missed from AUTOart’s upper-tier examples of today.  This example is likely going to be released in late Q4 2021 early 2022.  Is pricing going to be the same as past efforts from LCD Models in the sport and supercar race, only time will tell!

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23 Responses to "LCD Models New Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta! (UPDATE)"

  1. Ole Andre says:

    Finally they release a Pagain. Lets hope the other Paganis they have promised will be out soon to. This one will be in my collection for sure

  2. Aceman says:

    Absolutely blown away! I hope they do more Zondas in the future that AR planned on releasing.

  3. Ole Andre says:

    Yes i was mixing up those two brands. Sorry about that.

  4. SamtheCat says:

    I can’t express how much I look forward to this model. Comparing it with the BBR posted a few days back, whose exhaust tips under a SOLID block were, well, dreadfull, this is an absolute wonder. The exhaust piping with the weld marks is astonishing, and the first time I see that replicated on a model car. Now, I’d like to add a couple of things.

    – I hope that they don’t step back and keep the carbon fibre body, instead of painting it blue like with the Huayra.

    – While I appreciate being able to open the glovebox, I would have preferred to have the wheel covers magnetized and being able to take them off, since that’s the most controversial part of its design and I’m sure it will hold a lot of people off.

    -I hope there’s not an increase in price as we’ve seen with other brands in the past, since most of the appeal of LCD is the amazing price-quality ratio.

    -Now, if they’ve planned this well, it should be possible to have some parts interchangeable and release several versions of the Zonda, mainly the 760 series (Zonda MD, please), and the Cinque (preferibeably roadster). We’ve seen other brands make that in the past, either with plastic parts and inserts, or with new molds altogether. For example Solido with their Dodge Challengers, Mclaren F1 and 935, Exoto, and many more.

    Looking forward to this, it will be a day one purchase if the price is like their previous releases!!

    PS: LCD, if you’re reading this, please make your Mclaren F1 in GTR,LM,LT or HDK versions, and a Mercedes CLK GTR street car to go with it will be amazing too…

    • Tomcatters says:

      Oh my god, if they did a CLK GTR in openable diecast I will give them my firstborn. It’s that simple. I love that car.

      That being said, honestly what I can see here would be worth 300 bucks to me. I mean, I’d be very happy if they keep their prices down, but I’d rather give LCD my money than Almost Real.

    • DS Team says:

      “While I appreciate being able to open the glovebox, I would have preferred to have the wheel covers magnetized and being able to take them off, since that’s the most controversial part of its design and I’m sure it will hold a lot of people off.”

      It’s funny how people, in general, view this styling element. I think it’s brilliant, others on the team not so much LOL.

      • SamtheCat says:

        The biggest problem is that it looks like an afterthought, specially by the fact it’s not flush with the rest of the body, and it’s a different colour. If it were at the same level, and if it went all the way down, like in group C racers, it would have been better. Still, although I hated that cover in pictures, I didn’t mind it that much in person. I would prefer it without, but I don’t hate it.

  5. H.S says:

    LCD are smashing it at the moment. Making Autoart anc Almost Real look slow. Hopefully this keeps on the uprise and they venture into other Paganis etc before the other brands do.

    • DS Team says:

      AUTOart definitely isn’t slow, they are other things, but they continually have a very good flow of scale models to market.

    • Mike Wiseman says:

      I can’t imagine the price of this model being in the same range as the mclaren 600lt when it was released. Even the mclaren increased as people started realizing just how good it was they began selling out. As long as LCD continues to make the collector feel as though they got a significantly better model than what they paid suggests, then LCD is well on their way to stealing the show, perhaps right out from under Almost Real’s feet. I couldn’t imagine them coming anywhere close to what AR would ask for such an effort. But we shall see. Future looks bright in my opinion!

  6. Anthony White says:

    This is one I’ll be adding to my collection

  7. Paolo says:

    In terms of workmanship and quality, the overall details of the engine are not as good as Zonda R(AA). I think this product will be more perfect if the hub can be disassembled, just like Enzo.

  8. Jamie says:

    I’ve been on the fence about LCD for a while now; all of their recent McLaren and Pagani models have been tempting, but I will say – this HP Barchetta will do me in. I was fanaticizing about buying BBR’s resin model, but this is way more appealing, and will likely be much more affordable. This model will be added to my budget. Let’s hope it comes to fruition!

  9. Mike Wiseman says:

    I thought when I was reading this update that LCD was creating purple carbon and white carbon similar to the blue of the original sample photos. Since they are just regular colour coats with carbon fiber accents, nothing spectacular in my opinion. There is one model I would trade my soul for LCD to make…. (Considering AR didn’t list it in their lineup, if they are even planning to produce anything that is in their lineup…smh). Please LCD models produce the full access blue carbon Zonda Revolución. The current market price for the Autoart blue zonda is outrageous and it does not do the 1:1 justice, being such a beautiful, mesmerizing work of automotive artisanship (pun intended). The sheen on the AA replica is inexplicably dull. The actual car looks like its covered in glass. And the shade of blue is not even close. Even back when I could find the Autoart blue zonda for a relatively reasonable price, I couldn’t bring myself to commit to such a disappointment. Everytime I looked at it I would just think of how egregiously bad it looks in comparison to the masterpiece it’s supposed to mimic. If LCD produced a 1:18 scale full access blue carbon Pagani Zonda Revolución with this kind of effort, I could not have another model ever again and die a happy man.

  10. Ole Andre says:

    Pagani made one other Barchetta in a black colour in real life. The rest of them are blue carbon. So those other that LCD made a fantasy colours even if i acctually like bouth the new colours.

  11. H.S says:

    With how long Almost Real are taking. LCD could swoop in and undercut them by making the same models they’ve planned for years and years.

  12. Edib Zivalj says:

    I saw this thing in the Pagani Museum a little over a year ago and I could’ve sworn they said it was 1 of 3 barchettas to be built. Though the blue HP was Horacio’s personal car.

    btw nice work LCD, but how much is it gonna cost?? can’t justify spending more than low 200s on this.

  13. Edib Zivalj says:

    If they made the rear wheel cover removable and made a different canopy(modify) that white one would be very much like the Zonda Cinque.

  14. Alkes says:

    Guys did you see the price. 350 Euros and up. Well the price is allready in the Autoart range…

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