Liberty Walk LB Performance R35 Type 2 JPS •

Liberty Walk LB Performance R35 Type 2 JPS

More from Liberty Walk LB Performance this week, the team unveils the 1:18 R35 Type 2 JPS.  We’re not usually tuner fans but this one rocks!  The sinister Black base is mated to a lovely array of decals and graphic work.  This one isn’t cheap, north of $600 CND.  Only 30 pieces will be put into production.  Street date is tentatively scheduled for mid to late August 2019.

Product# LB35-V2-005

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11 Responses to "Liberty Walk LB Performance R35 Type 2 JPS"

  1. ss19 says:

    The livery of the Lotus racing team in the years 1976-79.

  2. RobsModelCars says:

    What brand is this?

  3. Philip Kirkman-Page says:

    And the point of this is?…..

  4. Philip Kirkman-Page says:

    Copying the livery of an F1 JPS is the point of any other model car? I seem to have missed the rest of them…

  5. Anthony White says:

    I loved JPS race cars when i was a kid…hopefully I can get one

  6. angrymonkey_13 says:

    Wish they would have done 1974’s scheme . Mario would be very happy with that one … 🏁🏁🏁

  7. Shini says:

    For 600 dollars it should have opening parts . It is ridiculous to be paying that much for a resin model

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