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Looksmart Expands 1:12 Ferrari Lineup!

Looksmart is expanding their 1:12 assortment with four new Ferrari models.  The Ferrari 488 GTB, 488 Spider and Ferrari FXX-K will see form in 1:12 staring in 2016.  Pricing for each model is suggested at 599 Euro.

LS12_02 – Ferrari 488 GTB
LS12_03 – Ferrari 488 Spider
LS12_04 – Ferrari FXX-K
LS12_05 – Ferrari FXX-K “Versione Clienti”

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  1. John says:

    LS is apparently very agressively pricing their 1/12 scale models to try and steal market share from BBR. Their 1/12 models normally run $800 to $1000.00 so 600 euros for models by LS is a significant difference when the quality is virtually identical. The fact that LS/MR and BBR are reportedly owned by competing brothers makes it even more interesting. No love lost between those two I guess. What do you think?

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