LS Collectibles Deco Sample AMC Pacer •

LS Collectibles Deco Sample AMC Pacer

An American classic from the seventies comes to life in 1:18 scale, LS Collectibles brings forward painted samples of the AMC Pacer.  Three colours are featured, Red, Yellow and Silver.  We believe this is a first in 1:18, possibly a first in scale period.  How many are interested in this replica?

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5 Responses to "LS Collectibles Deco Sample AMC Pacer"

  1. Yeow Yi Fan says:

    I like quirky cars so this interest me. Anyone knows if the wheels on LS Collectibles roll?

  2. Roger Lodge says:

    Might have to mod this into Garth’s car from Wayne’s World complete with red licorice rope dispenser.

  3. flathead says:

    After the Supra MkII, another bullseye for LS Collectibles. The big question is, how well will the greenhouse be depicted in side and rear views? Will it appear to be three dimensional?

  4. Zack says:

    I’m 100% interested in this. The wheels look a teensy bit too small, but aside from that, I’m on board! Thank you, LS! :)

  5. Kilobite says:

    Love it; too much americana of the 70’s hasn’t been built in scale at all, although Neo and Premium-X did produce a 1/43. Having said that, the choice of colours is Autoart-like: not so interesting.

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