Amalgam New Ferrari 250 GTO chassis 3943GT •

Amalgam New Ferrari 250 GTO chassis 3943GT

Does one ever get tired of looking at the lines of the classic Ferrari 250 GTO?  We don’t think so!  The team at Amalgam unveiling their new 1:8 Ferrari 250 GTO chassis 3943GT.  She raced in 1000km Paris, Montlhery (4th), 6h Dakar (1st), 500km Spa (2nd), 1000km Nuerburgring (2nd), 12h Reims (4th).  The Ferrari 250 GTO provides access to the motor and interior, overall execution looks superb.  At north of $12,000 US it better!   Please contact Amalgam for more information.

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6 Responses to "Amalgam New Ferrari 250 GTO chassis 3943GT"

  1. MLB says:

    I love the GTO too, but this model is NOT really that new. They’ve produced and offered many GTO variants…. over the past several years. Sure this one has a few detail differences for the version, but it’s also not historically accurate since it is modeled more as restored than as raced, and they’ve used just one GTO for body and other reference. As a limited run model (quantity offered) and priced north of $12,000 colletcors should expect, and receive more.

    • Roger Lodge says:

      Excellent point. While $12,000 is a lot, a big 1/8 done to perfection is worth it IMO (look at what people pay for watches sans precious metals) BUT this is far from perfection. I get a since that Amalgam is resting on its laurels.

  2. Frank Paquet says:

    Everything about this model looks terrific, except the interior. The floor, transmission tunnel and inner door panels look like what they are, silver painted molded plastic. At $12,000.00 one should expect real aluminum be used for the floors, etc.

  3. slartibartfast229 says:

    A very valuable Ferrari 250 GTO in the Dakar rally?

  4. Peter says:

    Are the exhausts missing?

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