Maisto 2022 Catalogue •

Maisto 2022 Catalogue

Opening 2022 edition of the manufacture catalogue fanfare is the team at Maisto.  Not a whole lot to share, a few exceptions include the 1:24 Nissan  Z 2022, colours include Yellow and Blue.  In 1:18 new include the Lamborghini Countach LP1 800-4 in White and the 2022 Porsche 911 GT3 in Blue and Black.  Enjoy!

Maisto 2022 Catalogue HERE

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14 Responses to "Maisto 2022 Catalogue"

  1. Migliori says:

    maisto is also rubbish.

    • Robert says:

      Well, there is a market for them. Cuz’ they’ve been around for a long time. They do bring modern subjects to market faster than others too. NO they’re not perfect, but I have a couple C8 Vettes I wouldn’t have any other way such as closed resin models.

    • bigmanFresh says:

      How are they rubbish their 1:18 scale is pretty detailed and they have spring suspension 1:24 is decent but most of them don’t have alot of opening parts but the designs series kinda sucks compared to AllStars and CustomShop

  2. Jason24 says:

    Wish more stores sold the 1:24 Maisto cars/trucks. You can only find them occasionally at Walgreens stores.

    • MRM says:

      That is not true. Hobby Lobby carries quite the selection of the Maisto 1:24 models in kit form. Which can actually greatly benefit you, since twice a month they come at 40% off.

  3. MRM says:

    I keep getting a crack out of people whining over Maisto and Bburago. When are people going to finally get it through their heads that these companies business is making toys? That is their business and apparently they are pretty good at it. They are not collectible high end replicas businesses. They are in the business of making toys for children to push around on the floor while making motor sounds with their mouth or to open up doors and engine compartments on the kitchen table while dreaming of actually looking into a real car. That’s why they are sold in Costco, Sam’s, Walgreens, Walmart, Target and gas stations around Europe for the price of a fast food meal.

    • says:

      Exactly this. In that price range, they’re the best at 1/18s too. While Solido cranks out dozens of incorrect models with bad details, Maisto nails the budget sector almost every time in the last 8+ years

    • bigmanfresh says:

      Maisto 1:18 are like the perfect in-between of budget diecast and premium diecast I really like em I do wonder what other toy brands 1:18 scale is similar to quality and detail of maisto

  4. mcruz says:

    I only have one Maisto model in my collection, a 1972 1/18 Chevelle, and its finishes are pretty good, better than other Maisto examples I’ve seen here. I do not know if that Chevrolet was a special edition or at that time Maisto had better quality, the fact is that it is very well done and with good details.

  5. Kyle says:

    I love the Maisto offerings. I just wish my stores would get shipments more frequently. I bought a Solido Ferrari Daytona spyder in the box off eBay and the quality was absolutely trash. The paint was tacky, the fit was off, doors loose, wheels wonky, just an absolute let down compared to Maisto.

  6. mr piss says:

    Will maisto bring back roborods and I would like to see them do a hummer h2

  7. Halconio says:

    Maisto could be a mass market brand BUT… their 1:24s are so pretty good and their 1:18s are just stunning. I have just bought the 1971 Datsun 240z in red and cannot explain how beautiful is this car… so detailed, amazing toyo tires, etc, etc

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