Make Up New Announcements! •

Make Up New Announcements!

We have a slew of newness to share from Make Up this week!  If you’re a Porsche fan the news will be even more exciting!  From Porsche, a sample is the Porsche 930 Turbo based on the 1988 car.  There is also the Porsche 911 (964) Turbo S Light Weight with a host of available colours.  For race fans, there is a small splash with their version of Mazda 787 B  “Efini” livery and Ford GT40!  The complete list is shared below.  Each model here is crafted in 1:43 scale.  The release date will commence in September through October 2020.

GT40 Mk.2 Le Mans 24h 1966
EM301A -“Shelby American” Winner No.2 Number: No.2
EM301B – “Shelby American” 2nd place No.1 Number: No.1
EM301C – “Holman Moody” 3rd place No.5 Number: No.5

EM485A – Mazda 787B “Efini” SUGO Inter 500miles 1991 #201

Nissan Skyline GT-R (bnr34) Nismo R-tune:
EM436A – Silver
EM436B – Blue
EM436C – Red
EM436D – Black
EM436E – White

Porsche 930 Turbo 1988:
VM115A2 – Red
VM115A3 – White
VM115A4 – Purple
VM115B4 – Yellow
VM115B5 – Gray
VM115C4 – Black

Porsche 911 (964) Turbo S Light Weight 1993
VM159A – Yellow
VM159B – Silver
VM159C – White
VM159D – Black
VM159E – Purple

VM203 – Singer 911 (964) Coupe (wing up) Black

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