Make Up Upcoming 1:12 Maserati Birdcage •

Make Up Upcoming 1:12 Maserati Birdcage

We don’t see the team from Make Up venture outside of 1:43 scale that often.  Their current project is the 1:12 Maserati Birdcage.  As the pre-production images will show, their attention to detail is second to none.  Retail on this piece will be tipping the scales at over $3000 CND, but can you place a price on perfection?  Enjoy!

About the The Maserati Tipo 61…  “The Maserati Tipo 61 (commonly referred to as the Maserati Birdcage) is a sports racing car of the early 1960s. The car was produced between 1959 and 1961 by Maserati for racing in sports car events including the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance classic. It used an intricate tubular space frame chassis, containing about 200 chro-moly steel tubes welded together, hence the nickname “Birdcage”.  This method of construction provided a more rigid and, at the same time, lighter chassis than other sports cars of the time.  By recessing the windscreen base into the bodywork, Maserati was able to reduce the effect of new Le Mans rules demanding a tall windscreen. The Camoradi team became famous racing the Tipo 61’s but, despite being very competitive, the Birdcage was somewhat unreliable and occasionally retired from races due to problems with the drivetrain.”

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  1. This a re-release of this old kit. MakeUp produced these years ago. I had several, and unfortunately the kit and model is very, very wrong. When I bought them, the kits were selling for over $500. each, and the built edition of the Camoradi car was also around $3,000. Body shape incorrect in numerous areas. Seats are bad, wheels and tires are way off in size and style. I can see by the photos that they have not changed, fixed or improved anything.

    In this price range it should be done right or not at all.

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