Make Up | Vision Porsche Singer 911(964) •

Make Up | Vision Porsche Singer 911(964)

Another stunning piece is coming out of the Make Up camp, the 1:43 Porsche Singer 911 (964) under the Vision brand that is.  This completed sample is stellar on so many levels.  Could this be what heaven is all about?  It is just one fine car/replica.  Enjoy!

Product# VM111

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3 Responses to "Make Up | Vision Porsche Singer 911(964)"

  1. Porsche993 says:

    Damn, this is a must buy for me!

  2. Andrew Crampton says:

    Are you all been serious… this is a terrible model… decal on side should be above door shut. Wheels should be more Matt no chrome it rides too low… lights look horrific. Surprised people are impressed with it!!

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