Malaysia Diecast Expo (MDX) - May 2024 •

Malaysia Diecast Expo (MDX) – May 2024

Words and photos courtesy of Vinod Enka


The Malaysia Diecast Expo (MDX) ran from May 18-19 this year, marking its second iteration as a stand-alone event. Originally part of a larger hobby expo that included Japanese anime, MDX broke away in 2023 and has since garnered significant attention. Positioned as an international event, this year’s expo featured an exciting mix of exclusive items and pre-production prototypes, akin to an auto show but on a smaller scale. Notably, the event attracted several ‘diecast celebrities,’ including Glen Chou (of Mini GT) and Kato (Liberty Walk).

The heart of the expo was undoubtedly the diecast models. Predominantly themed around JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) and tuner cars, the event also catered to casual enthusiasts with a variety of factory-spec supercars, sportscars, and some unique, left-field options. While the majority of the models were 1:64 scale, there were also several 1:43 and 1:18 scale models on display. Although MDX has yet to match the scale of the Nuremberg and Shizuoka fairs, it is steadily gaining traction.

The MiniGT booth was a highlight, showcasing an impressive array of models. The upcoming 007 lineup, though still in prototype form, generated considerable buzz. The production-ready orange Jaguar C-X75 stood out, and while a 1:1 version was promised, a tuned Lamborghini was displayed instead without explanation. The Cadillac V series Le Mans cars were also a hit, with the blue version expected to be delivered in May/June. MiniGT was impressive with its variety and quality of displays.

Inno64 was another major attraction, though access issues due to poor crowd management detracted from the experience. Despite the long queues and blocked access, notable highlights included an exclusive ‘Top Secret’ edition jade green R35 in both 1:64 and 1:1 scales. Unfortunately, these models quickly appeared online for resale at around $150 USD, reflecting the high demand. Additionally, the booth featured customized LBWK F40s with striking paint jobs, despite some controversy.

Several other booths also drew attention. “Sparky” displayed 1:43 scale race cars, primarily Porsches, though it’s unclear if they are connected to the Spark brand. Hobby Japan shared space with Ignition Models and Motorhelix, showcasing a few 1:18 scale models. Motorhelix, in particular, impressed with fully accessible 1:18 models featuring detailed engines, signalling a shift from their typically high-priced resins to more competitively priced diecasts. Their Pagani Zonda prototype, with a removable rear lid, revealing a meticulously crafted engine, stood out as a potential game-changer in the market.

Despite some logistical issues, the Malaysia Diecast Expo (MDX) is clearly moving in the right direction. With improved venue planning, it has the potential to become the premier diecast event in Southeast Asia. This year’s expo offered a glimpse into the future of diecast collecting, and its proximity makes it a must-visit for enthusiasts in the region.

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