Martisan Copper Car, Surpassed CMC? (UPDATE) •

Martisan Copper Car, Surpassed CMC? (UPDATE)

** UPDATE ** An update to the earlier article we have some images of the body side of the Ferrari 250 GTO.  Hence the name Martisan Copper Car, the bodies themselves are completed in copper and it appears the windows elements where appliable will be executed in true glass.  This is definitely on another level!

Introducing the Martisan Copper Car, a newcomer to the scale model scene that leaves a lasting impression. In our appraisal, this product surpasses the competition, notably CMC, and this statement is not made lightly. What sets Martisan Copper Car apart is its meticulous attention to detail, elevating it from a mere reproduction to a marvel with fully functional components, including a remarkable gear shifter and moving pistons.

The debut projects, currently available in 1:18 scale, focus on capturing the essence of iconic vehicles like the Ferrari 250 GTO and 250 LM, featuring meticulously replicated frames and motors. But the excitement doesn’t stop there – the lineup is poised to expand with revered classics such as the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL, Jaguar E-Type, and Porsche 356, each considered a worthy addition to the Martisan family.

Pricing for these precision-crafted replicas starts north of $1500, reflecting the commitment to quality and authenticity. However, the Martisan Copper Car team has ambitious plans, not stopping at frames and motors alone. They are gearing up to unveil fully panelled models, offering enthusiasts the opportunity to own a complete, intricately designed replica.

The team’s innovative approach to sharing what is typically hidden in the world of automotive replicas is noteworthy. Starting with detailed insights into the inner workings, Martisan Copper Car aims to gradually transition to full-bodied replicas, an approach that resonates well with us!  Undoubtedly, their marketing campaign is making waves, successfully capturing the attention and respect of scale model fans of a higher calibre arena.  Use the link provided to see firsthand what these guys can do.

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12 Responses to "Martisan Copper Car, Surpassed CMC? (UPDATE)"

  1. Darren Keady says:

    Wow, that is Awesome to see all the detail. Looks like these are taking over where Exoto stopped. May have to get back into the 1/18th scale with these beauties. There is room for this sort of quality in the market.

    • DS Team says:

      Agreed. Niche for sure; if Amalgam is playing in the sandbox there is room for more. And their pricing isn’t off, Amalgam’s 1:18 scale stuff, well, that’s how it appears to be heading.

      • John Moore says:

        All Amalgam 1:18 models up to now are kerbside only, no opening doors etc., no engine and as nice as they appear, too expensive. If the interior parts are added, I reckon they will at least double in price.

  2. Jelle says:

    Now that is something! May start saving for one model. And try to limit it to one only.

  3. Cyril Esteve says:

    Really amazing but very expensive, even more than the old exoto xs. I would love to have the 250 LM. But Will it be a commercial success with thise prices ? Not sure.

  4. George K says:

    Beautiful. It will be fascinating to see real glass used.

  5. DS Team says:

    No. Just additional photos otherwise we do not see the “update”. In addition, they are not linked to the DS sponsorship program. Thank you.

  6. salociN says:

    Some more informations, if it’s really possible to post it here :

    – based on the 3445 GT chassis
    – all glazing including the headlight covers are made with real glass
    – the model with full copper body is scheduled for mid-2024 around 2000€ (!)
    – 2 models are announced (Rosso Cina & Norinder) for 200 items each
    – very few items of the chassis with engine (1500€) and the engine/gearbox combo (500€) are stil available at the moment

    Here is a picture of the bodywork prototype mounted on the chassis :

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