More Davis & Giovanni Ferrari LaFerrari Street •

More Davis & Giovanni Ferrari LaFerrari Street

We hinted at a new street LaFerrari from Davis & Giovanni this past weekend.  Well, the team has announced even more colours to their assortment.  Each is very limited, 20 pieces or less.  New Colours include 332 Red/Copper rims with Black roof, Chrome Red/Black rims with Carbon roof, Chrome Red /Copper Rims with Black roof, Pearl Blue/Black Rims with Black Roof, Pearl Silver/Black rims with Black roof, White/Black rims with Black roof and Yellow/Black rims with Black roof.  Something for everyone, well if you can afford it!

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6 Responses to "More Davis & Giovanni Ferrari LaFerrari Street"

  1. John says:

    If the blue one had silver wheels and red calipers I would have considered getting it.

  2. Bob Ashton says:

    D&G better be careful with all these un licenced Ferrari models, making tuned Ferrari models is one thing, but now making stock Ferrari models, Ferrari is looking for them already!

  3. Karsten says:

    In 2013 Germany´s Supreme Court “decided that a car manufacturer cannot rely on its trade mark rights in order to prevent the distribution of toy model cars that are scale models of the original cars bearing the original car manufacturer’s trade mark on the relevant space. The BGH found that such use did not affect the main function of the mark (namely to guarantee the origin of the goods or services to consumers).

    In this case indicating the original logo on the goods (here: toy cars), did not fulfil any other functions of the trade mark as the relevant consumer would merely regard the logo device affixed on the defendant’s model car as an exact copy of the mark that the original car had affixed in exactly the same space. Consequently, the mark would only be seen as a reproduction of a detail of the original car. The court stressed that the relevant consumers would not regard it as a reference to the trade origin of the toy car.

    As with the L’Oréal decision, this case deals with double identity (identical sign and identical goods). The ECJ reiterated in the L’Oréal decision that in such cases of double identity not only the guarantee of quality of the goods and services as well as the guarantee of origin but also the communication, investment and advertisement functions of the trade mark are being protected. In this context the decision of the BGH, laying down that these functions of the trade mark are not affected by the replication and presentation of the original mark in this context, may be seen as rather surprising. ” Source:
    After having ended their “official partnership” with Ferrari in 2015, CMC keep making Ferrari models explicity using the following legal disclaimer: “The use of manufacturers’ names, symbols, type designations, and/or descriptions is solely for reference purposes. It does not imply that the CMC scale model is a product of any of these manufacturers.”

    • Bob Ashton says:

      Interesting, I only said that as I used to make LB Ferrari models years ago and sold them through Ebay, Ferrari found me and began legal proceedings against me. I had to hire a legal team specializing in trademark infringement and sign cease and desist documents that I would never manufacture and sell any models that used the Ferrari text, cavellino logo or emblems of the mark on any packaging associated with the model. They were very serious and if I didn’t act in by a certain date, I was going to end up in court here in Australia. This cost me thousands in legal costs.
      I was only making 20 or so models, they thought I was bigger than I was.
      Now, D&G on the other hand is making thousands of models. Ferrari AND also Novitec has contacted my through my Youtube channel (Robs Model Cars) messages asking for the contact details of D&G, but as everyone knows, they have no website, no details of who they are, I could not (and would not after being sued) tell them anything. They are pursuing finding them to take legal action is what I took from the messages that were sent to me.

  4. Karsten says:

    Sorry if all of this legal talk duplicates in the comments for the red AND blue version.
    I guess, it all depends very much on where you are located as laws and jurisdiction differs. My remarks are only valid for Germany under German and EU legislation, so its safe for CMC to do what they do. I have no idea, where D&G are located and whether the law of the land will protect their or Ferrari´s interests.

    I feel a lot safer now, when I have to collect a model from the customs office that has clearly not been licensed by the car manufacturer since that Supreme Court Sentence.

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