More News GT Spirit "Diecast" Series •

More News GT Spirit “Diecast” Series

As you know GT Spirit recently unveiled their upcoming “diecast” series at the German Toy Fair.  If you missed the initial article please click here.  The series will provide access to the interior and motor bits, how much is still up in the air.  Based on the initial images full access is available, though the four-door sedans on display at Nuremberg did reveal the rear doors as sealed – note their first attempt at a diecast shell.  Not too shabby!

GT Spirit has confirmed with that the new series will begin shipping July/August of summer 2019. The price point is targeted for 100 Euro or about $150 CND.  We did put our two cents into the ring and stressed the team should strive for the classic Hot Wheels Elite series, we think they had the perfect mix of detail and price point.  We’re definitely looking forward to the new series, reviews to come!


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11 Responses to "More News GT Spirit “Diecast” Series"

  1. spikyone says:

    If that’s accurate, then they’ll be at least €30 over priced. Norev are cheaper and, frankly, better than what was shown at Nuremberg. Then again, you could say the same about their resin models.

    • Tomcatters says:

      How do you know? Have you had pre-release access to their models or are you basing that on prototype pictures?

      100€ is less than I expected, so that’s good. I really like their choice of a modern openable Audi, a brand that is quite neglected when compared to Mercedes or BMW.

      • spikyone says:

        I did say it was based on “what was shown at Nuremberg”. Those prototypes had:
        – Huge doglegs
        – Sealed grilles
        – No depth to the engine bay

        I can’t seen any of those things changing before release. That’s not far above Maisto’s level, and is worth nowhere near €100.

        • Tomcatters says:

          So basically the same as the Norev A8, which was also priced around 90-100€?

          • stephen says:

            The Norev A8 has 4 opening doors, not sealed rear doors.
            If they can’t have all doors opening why bother..

        • Nero says:

          And I have to add.. sealed back doors…

          Non sense.. I start to preffer Composite or non openings, but cheap prices as Ixo´s sealed or solidos with only 2 openings.. but only 30€ per model..

          The hobby is dead.

          • Ondra says:

            Hobby is dead thats true, sadly.Toy fair 2019 was tragedy, resines and closed piece of sh** were everywhere.

            I can count on both hands only new diecast models with full openings.

            I cannot believe reports from toy fair about ten years back.Kyosho and Autoart ruled.Now they looks like some parody…

  2. Ondra says:

    100 euros?No way for what was shown on toy fair.

    These prototypes looks maisto quality and that is selling for 30 euros.

    Go at least Norev quality and full openings…

  3. stephen says:

    Either have 4 opening doors or don’t bother and stick to sealed models

  4. Marvin de Pano says:

    LOL, you can get brand new Maistos for US$12.99 + tax at Costco during the holidays.

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