MR Collection | Looskmart Confirm Lamborghini Huracan Evo •

MR Collection | Looskmart Confirm Lamborghini Huracan Evo

Once again the team at MR Collection is first to market with their announcement of the 1:18 Lamborghini Huracan Evo.  No less than nine colours will be offered.  Each is detailed below with three limited to only 25 pieces worldwide.  Their sister brand Looksmart won’t be left out, they will include six colours in their assortment.  First of the models will begin to ship in mid to late Q1 2019.

MR Collection (1:18):

LAMBO038A – Arancio Xanto (Pearl)
LAMBO038B – Grigio Artis (Matt)
LAMBO038C – Rosso Mars (Metallic)
LAMBO038D – Bianco Icarus (Metallic)
LAMBO038E – Verde Mantis (Pearl)
LAMBO038F – Giallo Inti (Pearl)
LAMBO038SE – Verde Scandal (Solid) Limited 25 pcs
LAMBO038SE2 – Blu Aegeus (Matt) Limited 25 pcs
LAMBO038SE3 – Viola Pasifae (Pearl) Limited 25 pcs

Looksmart (1:43):

LS498A – Arancio Xanto (Pearl)
LS498B – Grigio Artis (Matt)
LS498C – Rosso Mars (Metallic)
LS498D – Bianco Icarus (Metallic)
LS498E – Verde Mantis (Pearl)
LS498F – Giallo Inti (Pearl)

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