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MR New Aventador Aftermarket

MR Collection with be expanding their aftermarket Lamborghini series with two new instalments.  We’re not sure who the main tuner is, but each does expand on the already exciting lines of the Aventador skin.  Both pieces are due in Q1 2019.

LAMBO036A – Grigio Titans with Green Details
LAMBO036B – Rosso Mars
LAMBO036C – Arancio Argos
LAMBO036D – Verde Ithaca

LAMBO035A – Bianco Canopus
LAMBO035B – Nero Aldebaran
LAMBO035C – Rosso Efesto
LAMBO035D – New Giallo Orion

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3 Responses to "MR New Aventador Aftermarket"

  1. bob ashton says:

    The white version is the Novitec Torado Aventador, and I have seen the grey version, but not sure if the name is right, Is it the Nevudo? Anyone else?

  2. Josh says:

    Definitely looks nice, but I feel like diecast/resin model market is oversaturated with aftermarket Aventadors already!

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