New Skins: Tecnomodel McLaren 570S •

New Skins: Tecnomodel McLaren 570S

If you’re a fan of Tecnomodel’s McLaren cars, the McLaren 570S is now available in two new colours.  Flash Pink as featured and Ventura Orange are the latest colours to be added to the assortment. Each is limited to 25 and 50 respectively.  Both are 1:18 in scale based on closed-body design and made of resin.  Please contact Tecnomodel for more details. PS, we love the new high-res images!

tm_T18-EX02E tm_T18-EX02Eb tm_T18-EX02A


Product# EX02E / EX02A

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  1. Martin says:

    The headlights are so much nicer then the originals. One of the reasons I can’t really like the real 570S.

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