New ACME/GMP Nova & Chevrolet C-10 •

New ACME/GMP Nova & Chevrolet C-10

A limited production run of the ACME 1:18 Chevrolet C-10 Pick-Up is ready to unload.  Fitting exterior colours are an earmark of the Sunco brand.  Nice Redwood look in the rear bed.  Diecast metal and full access are surely elements in scale that will attract fans.  This one will set you back $129.95 US.  Only 204 pieces will be offered.

From GMP comes a re-work of the 1:18 1971 Chevrolet Nova in Matte Black.  The replica is dedicated to the car as driven in the film Death Proof – we never heard of the film or this car…  Peacocking duck is a cool touch for a hood emblem and full access is always cool.  Production is limited to 996 pieces and street date is targeted for April 2020.

Product# GMP-18925 / A1807211-B

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2 Responses to "New ACME/GMP Nova & Chevrolet C-10"

  1. Frank Müller says:

    Death Proof is a legendary Quentin Tarantino Film from 2007 with Kurt Russel as a main actor. Other cars featured in this film are a ’69 Charger and ’70 Challenger.
    Nice model car I’ve waited a long time for. Fine addition to my movie car collection.

  2. Mark says:

    Never heard of film Death Proof ??? Come oooon ! Tarantino ? Kurt Russel ? Also white 1970 Challenger and 1969 Charger ? It was what it was, Ok, but never heard of ? Car enthusiasts ? Hmmm,,,

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