New IVY Models Lexus LS400 •

New IVY Models Lexus LS400

The new China brand Ivy Model brings the 1:18 Lexus LS400 to scale.  This example is crafted in resin with sealed body design.  Two colours will be made available, they include Black and White.  Each is limited to 99 pieces worldwide.  Retail is suggested at around $189 CND a piece.

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3 Responses to "New IVY Models Lexus LS400"

  1. jazzy426 says:

    Nice! finally a respectable upgrade for the crude Road tough’s LS400 but seriously… limited to 99 only?

  2. flathead says:

    LS400 was breakthrough car, opening the luxury market to Japanese cars. Too bad we can’t see the engine, and get a better view of the interior.

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