New Minichamps BMW M4 & M3 Competition •

New Minichamps BMW M4 & M3 Competition

When was the last time you got excited about anything released from Minichamps?  We’re sure you are struggling to remember.  Paul is definitely smiling with the latest upcoming releases in metal and full 360 access, welcome the 1:18 BMW M4 Coupe and M3 Competition! There is an array of colours to come and even a BMW M3 Competition Safety Car – when was the last time you saw one!  Pre-production photos show a respectable model to come.  Slightly rough around the edges, but they definitely bring forward classic Minichamps, and a gap in full access BMW M cars!

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8 Responses to "New Minichamps BMW M4 & M3 Competition"

  1. Paolo says:

    The quality didn’t excite me. The interior upholstery was very poor. The dashboard was made perfunctorily

  2. Luis Cantu Gottwald says:

    Hope they improve quality on the production models, and revise body/interior color schemes, paricularly on the M3

  3. Wes says:

    They’re very cheap looking. Like a Norev with openings

  4. Roberto says:

    Look at that “Carbon Fiber” roof! Yikes, and the interior seats look lousy. Love the color combinations but the quality isnt there

  5. Smn says:

    Nice car!!!
    Best minichamps model ever!!!

  6. Ollie says:

    Why on earth would you have a BLUE interior in a YELLOW car? :-/

  7. PORSCHE993 says:

    Yikes, the CF on the roof looks horrible! I hope that is just a prototype.

    It’s sad to me that Minichamps gave the opening treatment to this car and not the 992 GT3.

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