New Vitesse March/Matra GP Models •

New Vitesse March/Matra GP Models

News from Vitesse today bring four new classic Grand Prix models. Each will be scaled in 1:43 and feature the back-drop pedigree of some of Formula 1’s best tracks.  Models are due in early January/April 2016.

MARCH 701-#23 R.Peterson – Monaco GP 1970
MARCH 701-#10 C.Amon – 2nd Beglian GP 1970
MATRA MS80-#4 J.Stewart – Winner Dutch GP 1969
MATRA MS80-#7 J-P Beltoise – 2nd French GP 1969

vitesse_27861 vitesse_27870 vitesse_27860

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  1. Slartibarttfast says:

    Perhaps a small amount of editing is called for in your headline. MATRA is a famous French manufacturer from the past, remembered by motorsport enthusiasts for their magnificent sounding V12 engine of the early 70’s (and three times winner of the Le Mans 24 hour race). No doubt your French speaking friends in Canada will also point this out….

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