Nuremberg International Toy Fair 2023 (UPDATE) •

Nuremberg International Toy Fair 2023 (UPDATE)

The annual Nuremberg International Toy Fair is back on track after a short pandemic hiatus.  The 2023 exhibition, running from February 1st through February 5th is promising a robust affair with the industry leaders delivering new models for their 2023 lineup and beyond.  In addition to new models, relationships are forged and contracts signed.  How will these commitments translate to pricing?  It’s quite evident 1:64 scale models are gaining even more popularity with fans.   This is likely due to limitations on space and obviously price.  Nice to see full-opening models are still holding their own.  Some great examples are shared below.  Use the active links to see the available photos by the manufacturer.

This article will focus on the highlights and images from the show as they come forward.  Maybe we should get a representative on the floor for next year.  Please contact us via the main website email if interested in participating.  Happy Collecting!  And remember to start saving your pennies, this year is looking more optimistic than 2022.


















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22 Responses to "Nuremberg International Toy Fair 2023 (UPDATE)"

  1. Tomcatters says:

    Oh my god… Those Motohelix Z-Tunes… daaaaamn… I have one in Millenium Jade and Black, but that white with carbon and BBS wheels? Hnnnnnnnnnng

  2. JIMMY says:

    It’s disappointing that Motorhelix could put out so many great (FULLY OPENING) JDM and European cars, but still have that pointless resin 1:18 Chevy Suburban and Escalade with no opening models coming out. It’s frustrating, actually.

    • Tomcatters says:

      Very true. I’d LOVE a current Suburban in 1:18 in full open. The fact that they are more than capable of doing so just makes it worse lol

  3. Blackberserk says:

    No AA, No CMC, No PMA, No BBR, No MR, Motorhelix is the only one make high end this year.

  4. Louis says:

    Something new with the LCD Models stand? Thanks

  5. ModelCarRacing says:

    For TSM you MISS the Porsche 935/77 Martini 1/18…

  6. Josh says:

    I would like to know more about the Murray T.50 from Tamiya. Is that 1/18? or a model kit? I have not known Tamiya to ever do a 1/18 opening diecast model. But that would be wonderful.

  7. Josh says:

    Thanks for the response. I do hope it is 1/18 because I will take anything I can get for that car. Autoart is not likely IMO as they seem to be moving away from the supercar world and into the JDM realm. Plus most of their recent announcements are mostly reissues and repaints. I believe Autoart bests days are behind them. THey will do their requisite Lambo models and some Kegg’s I suppose but they are so SLOW. Three years and still not even a prototype C8 pic from them.

    • Atalante says:

      The Tamiya GMA T50 is 1/24. As for Autoart they are arguably still the only manufacturer out there with a steady release of new models. That includes a great variety of subjects and supercars. I’m not into all their recent Lambo, LBW and JDM but choice is good. Indeed they did many new colors re-issue recently but that’s great for collectors who were cold on the original color spec and for those who missed the original release. Yes they are slow but sometimes I’d rather wait for a well made model than getting a resin model quickly.

  8. Razorblade says:

    Honestly I expected more from this fair, models were MEH mostly… All manufacturers are lazy, repaints, sealed stuff, even Schuco presented some resin bricks. Nothing heard from Minichamps, AR or LCD. AutoArt didn’t attend cos they were afraid people will be all over the 37492730 color variant of their Liberty Walk Aventador, so they decided it’s better to stay away,

    • Dirtty says:

      I agree. I’m so sick of seeing repainted cars that have been around since collecting became a thing. Maisto is the worst about repaints.

  9. MRM says:

    I am actually psyched at how good the Bburago Ferrari Daytona looks. And if anyone noticed, some good looking multi-colored interior. Perhaps it is the first model from their new line and it would be a step above their “Signature” models. Let’s not forget that it took Mattel really long time to bring their “Elite” line up to a good quality models. A lot had to do with MR doing their work, but who knows, perhaps Maisto/bburago can strike some sort of a deal like that too.

  10. Sean says:

    I was wondering if all these models are coming out by these manufacturers? Or does something have to be done for them to go into production? And when are they expected to come out?

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