Nuremberg Toy Fair 2021 cancelled •

Nuremberg Toy Fair 2021 cancelled

After it had been postponed from its usual February slot to mid summer, the annual Nuremberg Toy Fair has now been cancelled entirely for 2021.

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  1. Mike Wiseman says:

    Good news Almost Real. Now they can skate by another year unnoticed. I’m not an AR hater. On the contrary, I’m a once excited fan of the brand waiting months… and months… and months…zzzzz, for some update or possible release dates related to some of their truly monumental, gaining EVERYONE within the hobby’s attention, once in a blue moon, announcements….smh. Just to see they are releasing another umpteenth version and colour of one their drastically overused tooling, such as the land rovers and Mercedes-Benz/Brabus SUV in grocery getter, off roader, and mountain climber versions….release something different please.

    • Karsten says:

      Dear Mike, I understand your frustration. But let´s be honest, none of us actually go to the Toy Fair, so any pictures about a models progress will be fine for us. And concerning non-offroaders I´ve got good news: AR´s Zonda is presently going into production.

      • Mike Wiseman says:

        Thanks for the info… do you happen to know which zonda? I was initially anticipating the cinque coupe, but the tricolore hard to ignore. It would be awesome if they happened to offer the zonda revolution in blue carbon. I missed out on Autoart’s example but I wasn’t too thrilled with shade and finish on that model compared to the real life counterpart. I’m hoping to get a zonda and the huayra dinastia. I figure those alone will be a small fortune

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