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OEM 1:18 McLaren F1 GTR!

The 1:18 scale McLaren F1 GTR is back!  OEM option though, we believe for the Asian market.  Full access, metal and plastic are part of the package.  Two exterior colour options include the classic Papaya Orange and Silver.  The release date is scheduled for mid-Feburary 2023.  Each will set you back about $300 CND.

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9 Responses to "OEM 1:18 McLaren F1 GTR!"

  1. Scenic's View says:

    I wonder if this is essentially a TSM. There was an OEM P1 released a while back which was also quite similar to the P1 that TSM made.

  2. TgrClw says:

    Someone please make a long tail version already.

  3. HENRY CHEN says:

    Yes, the Long Tail version needs to be done in 1:18. I think only UT Models and Minichamps had done that. I have been waiting for a Long Tail version (Street version) since the UT models was long sold out, and it was already model than 2 decades old. We need a better detailed decently-priced openable diecast metal 1:18 model of this car.

    • Man says:

      HPI has made some very detailed sealed diecast Longtail F1 GTRs, Peako made the GTR road versions, but they look a bit dated now.

  4. MYTHIC says:

    ummm yeahhhh this is a TSM F1. I’m staring at my Harrods version and its virtually identical to this except for the color.

  5. Mat says:

    In which online site will it be sold?

    • DS Team says:

      Not sure. Depending on what countries commissioned the OEN dealer version you should be able to access it via the local dealer. In some cases, certain retailers may exclusively carry the model in limited numbers.

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