One Model Unveils The Honda FD2 Mugen •

One Model Unveils The Honda FD2 Mugen

Fans of the Japanese car culture may gravitate to the latest offering from One Model Ltd.  The new 1:18 Honda FD2 Mugen will be on sale this coming December.  The car looks great in White with Bronze wheels and rear deck.  Maybe that perfect gift for someone special this Christmas.

om_fd2-mugen om_fd2-mugen2 om_fd2-mugen3

om_fd2-mugen4 om_fd2-mugen5 om_fd2-mugen6

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4 Responses to "One Model Unveils The Honda FD2 Mugen"

  1. Shawn says:

    Although I won’t be getting this particular model, I’m really impressed with the sharpness of the lines. The photos seem almost like the 1:1. Which retailer carries One Model…models in the US?

  2. haryanto says:

    i want to buy this…
    at where i can order???

    thank you

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