OttOmobile 1:12 Volkswagen MKI Golf GTI 1600 •

OttOmobile 1:12 Volkswagen MKI Golf GTI 1600

The mother of the Pocket Rocket starts here.  The MKI Golf GTI is where it all started many years ago.  OttOmobile is the first manufacturer to celebrate this iconic car in 1:12 scale format.  The exterior is finished in Polar White, the inside sees the retro fabric checkered pattern.  The Golf GTI 1600 will be available later this year with only 500 pieces made available worldwide.  Retail for the Golf GTI 1600 is less than 130 Euro, even cheaper if you live outside the European Union.

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9 Responses to "OttOmobile 1:12 Volkswagen MKI Golf GTI 1600"

  1. slartibartfast229 says:

    Am I missing something here? This a white painted version of G013 – a red VW golf GTi released at least 18 months ago……

  2. Drivinghermad says:

    Both say Golf 1 GTI on the front number plates ?

  3. Drivinghermad says:

    I got an Email from them,if i bought the White GTI i could have the G60 with 50% off,didn’t take me too long to pay for it,both for £185 inc delivery,a real twin deal.

    • DS Team says:

      Great deal. The offer is listed on their website.

    • slartibartfast229 says:

      The only weakness I found was the thickness of the side windows, which don’t have the rigidity avoid a little bit of ‘bowing’ when viewed form certain angles. Good deal though!

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