Paragon Models Mercedes Benz AMG GT 63S •

Paragon Models Mercedes Benz AMG GT 63S

New from Paragon Models is the 1:18 Mercedes Benz AMG GT 63S.  These are not diecast metal here, nor are they full access either.  Seems the team that once brought forward decent diecast metal replicas has abandoned the media for sealed resin.   Nonetheless, we present three colours, they include Metallic Blue, Matte Grey and Metallic Silver.  All three are due in October 2019.  Suggested retail $169.95 US.

Product# PA-78011 / PA-78012 / PA-78013

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2 Responses to "Paragon Models Mercedes Benz AMG GT 63S"

  1. Robert Poudrette says:

    Going Kyosho… Aren’t they dead yet?

  2. Adam Wilczynski says:

    I could expect something much better from Paragon, considering their not too bad efforts with their models for BMW, and since NOREV’s release which is made to a very high standard at a very good price. Looks like Norev has received the “Torch” and now will dominate most of the market. On another note please notice the blue version, Front brake calipers are hanging down. Bit poor presentation of their new releases.

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