PHOTO GALLERY: Almost Real Mercedes-Maybach S-Class •

PHOTO GALLERY: Almost Real Mercedes-Maybach S-Class

Another solid replica to come across our desk is the 1:18 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class by Almost Real.  The two-tone exterior is deserving of the luxury tax, features Obsidian Black over Iridium Silver, the combo is perfectly aligned with the exterior lines.  Read an in-depth review of a similar Almost Real model by our friend Karsten.

As for the model, the paint and the transition of the two colours are skillfully applied.  The Silver just pops against the Black.  Full 360 access is a common thread and something that all collectors gravitate too.  The motor and interior are attractively appointed too.  Key elements that help Almost Real excel to win Model of the Year honours two years in a roll.  Enjoy the pics!

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8 Responses to "PHOTO GALLERY: Almost Real Mercedes-Maybach S-Class"

  1. Roger Lodge says:

    Jim-dandy photographs, indeed. Thanks!

  2. Majid Khosravi says:

    Hello, I think Mercedes’s unique car in the world should be congratulated to the designers and all the agents of the Mercedes-Benz factory. Father of Mercedes models, I like the Maybach class and I wish to have it one day

  3. Veneno says:

    Beautiful photos! But there are two things that kind of bothers me with this model, one is the lower grill of the bumper, I expected it have real openings at this price point and two, the way the tires look, they look toy like.

  4. DS Team says:

    Thanks. The lower grilles are perforated from what we gather.

  5. Mike says:

    Beautiful Model…but I think Almost Real needs to expand it’s color palette. There are other rich colors like dark blue, burgundy, and such that they can release these models in since they will never release any of the super sports cars they’ve revealed as future models years ago. They need to add some excitement to their releases.

  6. c11 says:

    See this is why I don’t want to pay 200+ dollars for an autoart. Almost real diecasts have way better engine details compared to the autoart. I remember having that autoart 570s only for a week and then traded it in for an older aston martin rapide just because that 570s only had a one piece plastic engine for its “details” so that 200 dollars for that one is definitely a ripoff. I hope almost real and lcd model would create more replicas of other cars in the future with better details.

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