PHOTO GALLERY: AUTOart Bugatti Chiron - French Racing Blue •

PHOTO GALLERY: AUTOart Bugatti Chiron – French Racing Blue

We got our hands on the AUTOart Bugatti Chiron in exterior French Racing Blue/Atlantic Blue so why not have a photo shoot? We recently reviewed the model in detail, read the review in full HERE. Our conclusion, overall a very capable piece. And in our opinion, still is the BEST example 1:18 scale replica available today. Considering all the variables like price, overall execution, 360 access vs. static and availability.

There has been some debate on the panel gaps. Yes, Black does hide all sins better than any of the colour, but it doesn’t have the impact we have here with French Racing Blue/Atlantic Blue. And mated to the tan interior, the elegance factor exceeds the power of ten! Our example isn’t too shabby in the panel gap department either. A little positive banter for AUTOart today. Enjoy the pics!

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15 Responses to "PHOTO GALLERY: AUTOart Bugatti Chiron – French Racing Blue"

  1. Scenic Gopi says:

    The mirror on the left is not aligned correctly if you didn’t notice. I thought it was a QC issue with my model. Looks like most models out there have a similar issue.

  2. Scenic Gopi says:

    Having seen the model in person and the pictures of the actual car I’m not sure if the color is true to the original. Also, the blue GT Autos looks way different in comparison.

    • Atalante says:

      You are right the GT Auto (that I own) blue is closer to the original car and a typical French racing blue for that matter. But the GT Auto is a very average model quality wise so I am getting the AUTOArt Silver/Atlantic blue.

  3. InTheFastLane says:

    …all of a sudden Burago version is not so bad and a great alternative at a nice price point.

    • DS Team says:

      “Great” is pushing it… Your best alternative is the aforementioned GTAuto. Bburago is a mass-produced toy-like replica, even their “Signature” series is marginal at best.

  4. Scenic Gopi says:

    @Atalante – That’s exactly what I have, a silver/Atlantic blue Autoart and French racing blue GT Autos. Yup, colour wise, both interior and exterior GT Autos is closer to the actual car. The Autoart is definitely more refined especially in terms of paint finish but for more than twice the price of a GT Autos I think the latter is a bargain.
    There are a few things that I like on the GT Autos better. I must add, the engine on the Autoart toylike. In fact all their new models are pretty cheaply built.

    • DS Team says:

      Definitely, agree on the AUTOart motors, they have taken a slight step backwards. As mentioned in the full review it was compared to one of their early releases.

    • Atalante says:

      @Scenic Gopi: I actually got the GT Auto at 25% of the AUTOArt price as it was purchased on Taobao and brought by a friend in his suitcase. So at 85 CAD I can certainly forgive a few QC issues ;-)

  5. johnny244 says:

    One of the most disappointing aspects of the Autoart Chiron is the rear EB emblem, which is only a paint rather than a solid piece. Even GTAuto’s execution shows a better effort in this regard.

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