PHOTO GALLERY: AUTOart Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo •

PHOTO GALLERY: AUTOart Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo

We thought of a full review, but the replica is very simplistic next to the real deal. And having never seen true 1:1 in the flesh it is somewhat challenging to truly provide a closer look.  We not saying the model is not on par with AUTOart’s level of detail and attention, quite the opposite.

As for the model, what we like.  The exterior Blue carbon and weave are top-notch.  Have you read AUTOart’s article on the topic?  Well, it seems this application required some new R&D to achieve the results, and the results are terrific!  All opening be it front, rear or top are capped with metal grilles or open to the internal surroundings.  The wheels are our favourite piece, reminds of the rollers from the AUTOart’s early Viper.  So realistic they look like metal.  Two items of interest include a functional rear spoiler.  Thumbs up to the cool engineering on AUTOart’s part.  Also, access is permitted into the interior via both doors.

On the downside, the price is high, and we don’t see why.  But when compared to the resin and fully sealed competitors, is it a bargain?  You decide.  The interior is good but nothing over the topic.  We wish more access to the internal working were available via removable panels – front and rear.  Possibly, limitations of the concept or Bugatti?  Lastly, the Red rings that surround the exterior side of the door hinges could use a little more finesse on the execution side.  Overall a very satisfying replica, one for those that appreciate different.  Enjoy the pics!

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7 Responses to "PHOTO GALLERY: AUTOart Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo"

  1. Rafa says:

    Thank you for the photo gallery. Yes, is something “different” as the car itself is. But with this other level of prices, I don’t know what to say. Where are the times when you could bought an Alfa Romeo Montreal with 120CND and after more then 10 years that modelcar is still different. And there are many more examples. But the “show must go on” and Autoart is still finding a good and profitable market.

    • DS Team says:

      The days of $120 CND models are long gone, and gambling what model and marque too. There are thousands of unique specimens, but the end result is to sell models, all of them. Cars like the Alfa Romeo Montreal are great but they don’t light a fire under the masses.

  2. Atalante says:

    Very cool and unique model. I love mine. Very expensive piece but the engineering they put in the fine details and tampo printed carbon on complex surfaces gave great results.

  3. Vitaliy D says:

    A big piece of plastic, with only doors openable.
    For such a price, it makes my slippers laugh.

  4. Veneno says:

    Great photos, thank you for posting. I read on Aa’s instagram that the tampo process was difficult for the to perfect and they encountered a lot of defects. They had to redo some of the models and some had to be scrapped.

    Also, I think the price is that high, because they needed the licensing from Bugatti and Gran Turismo.


    I believe plastic is not a replica but a toy
    And I still can’t afford to pay that much for such a toy
    Unfortunately the period of AutoArt decline has begun
    I expect the company to become part of the GreenLight subsidiary in the next few years
    Or become a slipper factory

    • Tomcatters says:

      Funnily enough some of these “plastic toys” have a material which is closer to the real vehicles than diecast would be. LOL

      And no, AUTOart is still selling their models just fine. Some models are bought out rather quickly.

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