PHOTO GALLERY: AUTOart Ford GT Presentation & Race •

PHOTO GALLERY: AUTOart Ford GT Presentation & Race

We detailed the street version of AUTOart’s 2017 Ford GT by in October 2019.  Use the “REVIEWS” link above to read and see more!  The models here transition to the race side, two versions are on display, we have what we like to call the presentation version in Red and the full race application of the Ford GT Le Mans 2016, drivers B.Johnson, S.Mucke and O.Pla #66 car.  Each car comes from AUTOart’s Composite and Diecast series and is crafted in 1:18 scale.

As for the models, each provides full access which today from AUTOart in race trim is a rarity…  That being said, the examples are identical from what gather the main difference is the exterior colour versus team livery.  The front and rear access bits are not hinged as the streetcar, each piece is removable and held in place with magnets.  Overall fit and finish are pretty clean.  However, we find the Red exterior of the presentation car a little generic and lacking stimulation.  On the plus side the race car’s exterior is well done, the application of the various decals is achieved well, in this rare case we prefer the race version over the presentation  Note the passenger side door on the race version.  We could not get it to sit properly, we tried, promise.  Enjoy the pics!

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