PHOTO GALLERY: BBR Ferrari 488 Challenge EVO 2020 •

PHOTO GALLERY: BBR Ferrari 488 Challenge EVO 2020

This next example comes from BBR.  Another 1:18, resin and static piece that features the Ferrari 488 Challenge EVO 2020 in presentation or street trim.  With just recently (last week to be exact) driving the brilliant Ferrari 488 GTB it was more than fitting to snap a few pics of this enhanced track-prepared edition of the same.  The colour here is noted as Rosso Corsa 322, there are also the same with Black roof and even additional colours which includes Matt Black, White and more. Each quoted as a limited example of 24 pieces or less.  Take the limited as marketing, as you know BBR will eventually find the time to launch more than one example into production again.

As for the model, typical high-end execution from BBR on all fronts. All this detail and secondary filter do come at a price, with retail well north of $500.  That is why my collection is limited with this brand, and only the occasional piece finds its way in.  Exterior paint along with timing front to rear are implemented with exceptional care.  The proper venting is found with all openings, meaning grilles, for the most part, are metal and authentic to the eye, with one exception the rear opening on either side of the bumper.  Photo-etched bits are quality too, this includes hood pins, fuel filter and various horse branding.  Motor details are well above the resin static average with layers of detailing, colour and texture to provide additional definition.  The outer surrounding elements are a little lax, which is typical of resin examples.

Interior wise the detailing is good, but not exceptional.  At this price point, a little more is definitely a requirement.  BBR meets the call for dash elements and driver seating area with care and attention, as with the motor, once we move further away the refinement in attention is somewhat faded.  Overall, an exceptional piece that looks more than comfortable next to classics from Hot Wheels Elite, Kyosho, and other BBR diecast examples.  Enjoy the pics!

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