PHOTO GALLERY: BBR Ferrari F1-75 G.P Bahrain 2022 Winner •

PHOTO GALLERY: BBR Ferrari F1-75 G.P Bahrain 2022 Winner

The Ferrari F1-75 is a formidable force in Formula 1, combining power and precision for an unforgettable racing experience. With a hybrid powertrain that merges a turbocharged V6 engine and electric motors, the F1-75 showcases Ferrari’s commitment to both performance and sustainability. Its advanced aerodynamics and finely tuned chassis provide exceptional stability, agility, and grip, making it a true track dominator. As Ferrari continues to refine this marvel of engineering, the F1-75 promises even more exhilarating performances in future seasons.

As for the model, the 1:18 BBR Ferrari F1-75 G.P Bahrain 2022 Winner – C.Leclerc is executed in the typical BBR level of excellence, though this excellence for a static model comes at a price, though not as expensive as their typical street-going fare.  The paintwork is exceptional and the decal work is on par as well.  Nice attention to detail but in all honesty not over the top!  Love the tire sanding for that authentic look and feel…  Overall, the presentation is excellent with a quality leather base and an optional dust cover is available too.  This one does come recommended.  FORZA FERRARI!  Enjoy the pics!

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4 Responses to "PHOTO GALLERY: BBR Ferrari F1-75 G.P Bahrain 2022 Winner"

  1. Wes says:

    hmm surprised they went to the trouble of sanding tires for realism, yet the wing is one moulded piece with mismatched orientation for the carbon decals

    • spikyone says:

      The “mismatched” CF might be intentional – to save weight, F1 teams will use the fact that CF has directional strength and it will be laid up to provide strength in the direction that it is needed. It’s not like a road car where it needs to look nice. I have the LookSmart version so will check their version when I have it to hand.

      On the review, am I right in thinking that the red painted part and carbon fibre part are separate parts where the sidepod meets the floor? I think I saw that in some other photos, and I would definitely criticise BBR for that, there’s no need for it. In general it does look good but I’m not sure it’s any better than the LookSmart.

      • spikyone says:

        I’m back at home and can confirm that the LookSmart has the same layup of the carbon fibre going horizontally across the upper element of the rear wing. I also looked at images of the real car and it’s accurate. This layup of the carbon would mean that the upper element – which moves when the DRS is activated – won’t sag (left to right) under load, but it might allow the wing element to flatten out (front to back), which could reduce drag at high speed.

        One interesting thing to note is that the BBR has a slot gap between the rear wing elements but the front wing is moulded as a single piece. LookSmart is the opposite, with slot gaps in the front wing but a single piece moulding for the rear wing. I suspect LookSmart models may be made by Spark, who have the same arrangement on their F1 cars – I’ve also noticed recently that a UK retailer seems to announce new arrivals of Spark and LookSmart at the same time.

        • Wes says:

          But what about the front clip? See the second blade, closer to the nose cone, where the small segment on one side is horizontal and the other vertical? That doesn’t seem right. And the rest of the same layer is also mismatched. Could be wrong of course, but from the few pics I was able to find online, this does not seem to be the case on the real thing. Anyway, doesn’t matter that much I suppose, just making an observation

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