PHOTO GALLERY: BBR Ferrari Purosangue •

PHOTO GALLERY: BBR Ferrari Purosangue

Ferrari has launched the Purosangue, its first luxury SUV, marking a big step away from its usual sports cars. This SUV boasts a powerful V12 engine with over 700 horsepower, accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in about 3.3 seconds. It also features an advanced all-wheel-drive system and top-notch suspension for excellent handling and stability.

The Purosangue combines Ferrari’s sleek design with the size and space of an SUV, offering a muscular look and a luxurious interior. The cabin is filled with high-quality materials and the latest technology for comfort and connectivity. By entering the SUV market, Ferrari aims to attract a new group of customers who want both performance and practicality, setting new standards in the luxury SUV world.

As for the model, yes, it’s resin, and yes, it is sealed. With the recent announcement from BBR about releasing a fully opening example, this is a case where patience is key LOL. But did anyone honestly believe they would release a fully accessible model? I sure didn’t. Depending on the results, I will likely sell and replace it. Until then, this piece serves as a quite capable placeholder.

Initially, I wasn’t that impressed with the Ferrari Purosangue. Another SUV? Just one more cash grab in the upscale car market segment to boost profits. What changed my mind was watching the Throttle House review on the Ferrari Purosangue. By the way, wonderful YouTube duo, headed by a couple of Canadian boys!

They delved into the technical aspects of this $400,000 SUV, and let me say, it is quite impressive, to say the least. The model that BBR provides is nothing short of excellent! The paintwork appears perpetually wet. My personal key elements, like the wheels and perforated grilles on this static model, are executed with care and precision. Also, the model is rather larger than I expected, which I guess is typical for an SUV. Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Ondra says:

    Imagine you buy this closed resine and next year you got fully openings from same company and for same price.

    I will be really angry…

    • Marcel171281 says:

      Why would you be angry? Buying resin always comes with the risk that later a full opening model is released. It happens. And the resin BBR’s will keep their value anyway, so replacing later is not really an issue.

      BTW, the exterior of a resin BBR is significantly better than the, elsewhere produced, metal models. I prefer the full opening as well, but a lot of collectors prefer the resin models for that reason.

      • Ondra says:

        Many collectors “prefer” resines, because they are outnumbering diecast cars and there is also possibility to have niche car from market. Also they are far easier and cheaper to produce for manufacturer.

        If there will be same cars for same price ane quality, one with full opening and second with resine. Im really sure resine will not stand a chance.

        Also BBR opening Purosangue will be done via Almost Real.

      • Karsten says:

        Why would you be angry? Well, the buyer´s remorse is tangible in the post, the model being declassed as a placeholder for later resale after being replaced by the newly announced all-open diecast metal version.
        I keep my fingers crossed that it can be sold without a loss when the time comes, but my experience is different. You may regard the MR Lamborghini Sesto Elemento to be of equally high quality as BBR resins, but I have it on Ebay for years now for no more than what I paid after I bought the AUTOart … and it does not sell, although it is clad in real carbon and hand-numbered. Similarly the Top Marques Lykan Hypersport, after the Kengfai was released. So, where are the sealed-resin-lovers to buy these?

        In other words, I find out the hard way, how much Ondra is right.

      • DS Team says:

        Is AR confirmed. We were under the impression BBR moved alway from AR due to QC challenges with them??

        • Ondra says:

          If I remember correctly purosangue prototype was show in some chinese AR stand. From view its completely same as show by BBR reveal post

    • DS Team says:

      Hi, not anrgy at all. This part on the hobby experience since resin models hav taken larger piece of the pie… I’m more puzzled why BBR choose the Purosangue with all the available Ferrari options to action a fully open model. These are things I will truly never understand.

      • Ondra says:

        Maybe was licensing cheap or they just want to hope on hype train

        Maybe Im sounding weird, but something on Purosangue also really catches me.

        Maybe its engine, futuristic look, doors and hood opening like on some old luxury car.

        Im on verge to buy diecast purosangue, but Its really hefty price. When highest price I ever paid was like 250 euro and this is like 500 with vitrine…


        • Giorgio262 says:

          flimsy FLAT transparent plastic sheet windows. For me that is an even bigger no than a sealed body.
          I get it why they would pick the Purosangue, though. The hype, as Ondra wrote, and I would add that it has a rather striking appearance with in the all open configuration.

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