PHOTO GALLERY: GT Spirit BMW M4 G82 Competition M Performance •

PHOTO GALLERY: GT Spirit BMW M4 G82 Competition M Performance

There has been much debate on the latest generation M cars, specifically on the exterior front grille design.  And to be honest, I was part of the haters too, but over time and through multiple YouTube videos the hate has turned to modest tolerance.  This specific model comes from GT Spirit and is executed in 1:18 scale in resin with static design.

Carrying it beyond the M series, this is the upgraded Competition M Performance edition, noted by GT Spirit as the BMW M4 (G82) Competition M Performance (Paris).  The exterior is finished in Java Green (did I get this right?) – our dark backdrop definitely doesn’t do the paint justice.  Personally, my favourite aspect of the model is its Blue/Black interior with colour-matched brake calipers.  It just works awesomely well against the Green exterior. And a pleasant surprise, I did not notice this until well after unboxing…

There is nothing overall brilliant about this static replica, there are no open vents or grilles with each space capped with solid bits – just typical GT Spirit interpretation.  Carbon fibre is present on the roof line only, however, in typical GT Spirit fashion they ignore the smaller details.  The Competition M Performance includes an assortment of aero upgrades that are included here but the finish is incomplete, they choose to ignore the carbon fibre and move forward with a painted Black surface.  Also, a nice to have would be the wheels executed with a polished upper surface.  In short, GT Spirit’s definition of the BMW M4 G82 Competition M Performance is satisfactory.  Today, options are little to none for G82 cars, though I hear Minchamnps is will be presenting the M3/M4 in metal with full access.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Robert says:

    BMW trying to be worse than the “Bangle” days… Dayum that stupid schnoz! Looks like only Audi can get this right. 2024 Mustang pictures not nearly as offensive as this and people are throwing rocks at that car already.

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