PHOTO GALLERY: GT Spirit Honda NSX by LB Works •

PHOTO GALLERY: GT Spirit Honda NSX by LB Works

Tuner cars are demanding market share over the last little bit.  Adding more fuel is a couple of examples from GT Spirit that we’ll present over the next few days.  The first, and recently added to their assortment of models is the 1:18 scale Honda NSX that is customized by tuner LB Works.  This tuner car was like a supermodel behind the lens,  capturing the lines was too easy!

As for the model itself, it does tick a lot of boxes.  For example, the exterior is detailed with many opening capped with perforated metal grilles, this includes the front, sides and rear.  Something sealed models need to excel in for sure.  Paint is sassy, it is called Candy Red.  Our example was in typical GT Spirit fashion for the most part, but rear fenders were little too much on the orange peel side.  If a rubber band could be used for tires, this model takes the cake!  Wheels are executed nicely.  Check out that rear dish!

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3 Responses to "PHOTO GALLERY: GT Spirit Honda NSX by LB Works"

  1. Anthony White says:

    I have this one…I have to say it is an awesome model.
    Thinking about getting the yellow one also..

  2. YI says:

    I like LB’s tuning style but because of using The Rising Sun Flag, I really hate LB.
    The Rising Sun Flag… it’s same as Hakenkreuz. It means fascism and Japanese imperialism. LB’s behavior is opposite to their name ‘liberty’.

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