Photo Gallery: GT Spirit Khyzyl Saleem Huratach •

Photo Gallery: GT Spirit Khyzyl Saleem Huratach

One of the many things we like about GT Spirit in addition to bringing a great assortment of resin models at a decent price to the scale model community is their ability at times to think outside the box.  One of their latest releases features a rendered car, something you are more likely to see featured within a video game or the next chapter of Blade Runner.  The car is the 1:18 Huratach, the exterior colour is Dark Grey.  The genius is Khyzyl Saleem; Khyzyl Saleem is a mid-twenties artist based out of England. He may be young but his creations are beyond his years.  Working in the video game industry, he loves to customize cars, and the Huratach featured here is one of many in his portfolio.

As for the model itself the piece is completed in typical GT Spirit fashion.  Paint/colour is exceptional, one of our favourite elements of the model.  Nice work on the front fascia details.  Rear exhaust not so much.  Definitely more finesse is required here, especially when the base model is sealed.  The interior is clean and simple, with no flocking but fabric seat-belts are in check!  Enjoy the pics!


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  1. Astronat says:

    I like this first version of his project but last version of Huratach is definately much better for me.

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