PHOTO GALLERY: GT Spirit Koenigsegg Jesko •

PHOTO GALLERY: GT Spirit Koenigsegg Jesko

A passion project for dad, Jesko von Koenigsegg.  The Jesko is named after Koenigsegg’s co-founder Christian von Koenigsegg’s father – the peaceful one.  Two versions of this ultimate supercar are offered to potential buyers, a high-downforce “Attack” or low-drag “Absolut” configuration.  Taking the reins from the Agera, the Jesko styling is more in your face, more aggressive, and just beautiful!  Is this the perfect car?  Maybe.  251 chassis here, the number as imprinted on the rear wing holds pace for this limited number production car.

This example comes from GT Spirit resin and is sealed that is.  The scale is 1:18, exterior finish is complete in White/Carbon.  Off the bat, the exterior White with carbon accents is a win visually – it simply looks stunning!!  On the flip side, in typical GT Spirit fashion, they dismiss carbon fibre weave in favour of Gloss Black paint.  This will definitely rub a fair amount of collectors the wrong way.  For a budget concise piece, the overall look and feel of the model is much better than anticipated, it really looks stellar in person.  And we must mention the attention to detail, well one element that is, not the cool Koenigsegg logo within the front headlights! (see the photos below).  Wheels are well executed and the openings for cooling and other aero are capped with metal perforated grilles.  A wise choice!  Interior-wise, it’s clean.  Nothing over the top and no carbon fibre accents either.

In short, the shelf presence of the GT Spirit Koenigsegg Jesko is extremely encouraging.  Some corner-cutting is indeed at hand with the lack of carbon fibre elements and some minor exterior polishing along the sharp body lines or curves could be done better.  If this can be overlooked, we promise the model will more than surprise you.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Eric Rossignol says:

    This model is very nice indeed and I got mine a few weeks ago. Nevertheless. it was really difficult to come across a copy that was almost flawless in quality. From my experience, first, the huge rear wing is NEVER straight (look at your own photos above ) and the 2 fins on each side come off as soon as you look at them. More often than not, the model does not sit level on its 4 Wheels. Some paint application issues to report, as well. As always with GT Spirit, the model is great (really) but « on the whole, and from a reasonable distance ». Of course one cannot expect the same result than from Frontiart or BBR or even AA. But if GT Spirit QC card could be anything else than a joke, that would be nice.

    • DS Team says:

      Eric, we agree on the rear spoiler. It definitely isn’t perfect. And to be honest, we have seen this before from GTS.

      • Eric Rossignol says:

        That been said, this model is certainly much more complicated to put together than, say, an F50 or a Dodge Charger Concept. It’s full of little aerodynamic appendix, wings, spoilers… and the lines of the bodywork are somewhat tortuous ! That is why and given the price tag, I think that’s a win for GT Spirit after all. I you can put your hands on a decent one.

    • Steven Weiner says:

      I also bought this model recently and had the exact same problem with the fins on the ends of the rear spoiler. One of the fins was loose right out of the box, and I had to glue it back on. The same thing happened when I bought GT Spirit’s Ford GT MKII several months ago; the glue quality is very poor. Of course, that problem doesn’t seem to be unique to GT Spirit; I’ve had the problem with models from MANY different diecast manufacturers. I think most of them must be buying glue from the same distributor, which clearly produces an inferior product. Interestingly enough, I have NOT had a glue problem with CHEAPER brands like Maisto and Bburago!

      • DS Team says:

        ” that problem doesn’t seem to be unique to GT Spirit; I’ve had the problem with models from MANY different diecast manufacturers”

        Thanks for pointing it out. Seems a resin manufacturing process miss or simply not applying enough glue.

  2. MRM says:

    This is definitely a car I want in my model collection, but I am definitely going to wait on the AutoArt model.

  3. Jamie says:

    Great photos, I need to know the name of the black material the model was photographed on. What is it called?

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