PHOTO GALLERY: GT Spirit Porsche/S-Klub 550 Spyder •

PHOTO GALLERY: GT Spirit Porsche/S-Klub 550 Spyder

The Porsche 550 Spyder is a highly sought-after sports car produced by Porsche in the 1950s. The vehicle was designed to be lightweight, aerodynamic, and powerful, making it an ideal choice for racing enthusiasts. The 550 Spyder was powered by a 1.5-litre, four-cylinder engine that could produce up to 110 horsepower, which was a remarkable feat for a car of its size at the time. The Porsche 550 Spyder was also known for its distinctive design, featuring a low-slung body, a rounded nose, and a sleek, curvy silhouette. This iconic car gained even more fame when actor James Dean was killed while driving his own 550 Spyder in a tragic accident in 1955. Today, the S-Klub 550 Spyder is considered a classic among vintage car collectors and remains highly coveted by enthusiasts around the world.

The S-Klub 550 Spyder is a replica of the iconic Porsche 550 Spyder, which was manufactured by S-Klub, a company that specializes in creating replicas of classic sports cars. The S-Klub 550 Spyder is designed to capture the spirit and style of the original Porsche 550 Spyder, which was a highly successful racing car that achieved numerous victories in the 1950s. The S-Klub 550 Spyder features a lightweight and aerodynamic body, a mid-mounted engine, and a low-slung profile that helps to provide excellent handling and performance. Although it may not have the pedigree or historical significance of the original Porsche 550 Spyder, the S-Klub 550 Spyder is still a highly desirable and sought-after sports car among enthusiasts.

Two comparisons of the original versus the one-off custom-build by S-Klub!  The model here is another venture from GT Spirit in 1:18 scale, something in scale likely never to see the existence by any other brand.  If you enjoy these unique specimens as I do, this GT Spirit piece does measure up in my opinion.  For me, the end result is a mishmash of the original Porsche  550 and the first Batmobile.  And that’s not criticism, that is pure love!

The model itself is nicely built, our example came flawless from GT Spirit.  The paint is a lovely Metallic Brown, rarely seen in scale.  The size of the car/model is quite small, it was dwarfed sitting next to the CMC Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Coupé and AUTOart Huracan Evo!  What is lacking in size is made up by the creativity on both the exterior and interior sides.  This is a cool piece!  If your collection leans on the rare, the unique or concepts, do yourself the solid and get one!  Enjoy the pics!

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4 Responses to "PHOTO GALLERY: GT Spirit Porsche/S-Klub 550 Spyder"

  1. Steven Weiner says:

    That’s a great looking, unique piece! I love the brown and orange color combination, including the orange on the tires. I want one!

  2. Charlie says:

    I got mine a couple of weeks ago. Lovely model. Great paint and the plaid interior bits (that aren’t shown in the pics) are really cool. Only complaint is the cheap, cheesy decals used to replicate the hood straps. unforgivable on a model this nice. I couldn’t cost more than $2-3 to have used a photo-etched part. I would have gladly paid another $10 for that improvement.

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