PHOTO GALLERY: OttOmobile Alfa Romeo GTV6 Production •

PHOTO GALLERY: OttOmobile Alfa Romeo GTV6 Production

The OttOmobile 1:18 Alfa Romeo GTV6 Production is a limited production piece of 1500 units.  The model is painted in Rosso Alfa and features a number of cool decals throughout, perfectly appropriate for a mid 80’s European sport car.  The real McKoy was destined for the French market with only 300 cars placed into production.  Thumbs up to OttOmobile form capturing the overall essence of the GTV6 Production.  Overall execution is a solid A-.  At time of release this model could be had for well under 100 Euro, good luck finding one now at that price.  For sure this is something celebrated, one serious Alfa collectors should not be without as  no other manufacturer may touch it again.   Enjoy the pics!


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