PHOTO GALLERY: OttOmobile Porsche B32 Bus •

PHOTO GALLERY: OttOmobile Porsche B32 Bus

What do you get when you cross Fahrvergnügen and Porsche?  You get the OttOmobile scale replica 1:18 Porsche B32 Bus this is!  Powered by a 3.2l Porsche motor, and features a lower stance, chin spoiler, and Porsche shoes among other things.  This rare bus sure screams!  Only a handful was ever produced, less than 1o from what we gather.  Some say they cost more than the Porsche 911 of the period.

As for the model we admire the WolframGrau Metallic exterior.  Overall shape and design are stellar for a model costing less than 60 Euros!  Not a lot of bells and whistles with the Porsche B32 bus in terms of metal grilles and whatnot, but the model does prove strong with the exterior details throughout the entire piece.  Neat little aerial and mirrors are present.  Nicely executed wheels to boot.  The interior is basic and clean throughout, a staple of the period.  How can we get one of these in 1:1?  Truly an extraordinary and unique piece.  Enjoy the pics!




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