PHOTO GALLERY: OttOmobile Toyota Supra 3000 GT TRD •

PHOTO GALLERY: OttOmobile Toyota Supra 3000 GT TRD

The Toyota Supra is one of the most recognized cars in Japanese car culture.  This fourth-generation specimen comes from OttOmobile and features the 1:18 Toyota Supra 3000 GT TRD.  TRD, yes, the team offered a body kit to the Supra, which became the Supra 3000 GT TRD. This body kit pays tribute to the Supra running in JGTC.  The aforementioned model was offered by OttOmobile back in December of 2019, a limited edition piece of 1500.

As for the model, typical budget-friendly, less than 60 Euros!  Paint is great as well as the overall exterior presence.  Along with the body kit, a new set of 5-spoke wheels enter the mix.  The exterior is downplayed by the solid plastic bits in the front cooling, hood and side fenders.  Inside the interior is a force in Red and Black, but the overall tone is budget-friendly.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Veneno says:

    Great photos. I wanted to add this, but the incorrect shape of the upper part of the windshield puts me off. Wish they would have corrected this mistake after the first standard release.

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