PHOTO GALLERY: Solido Ford GT40 Street & Race •

PHOTO GALLERY: Solido Ford GT40 Street & Race

A couple of cool Fords were released from Solido in late 2019.  They include the Ford GT40 and GT40 24hrs Le Mans 1968.  If one has been following the brand Solido you can see evidence of the team improving on their craft.  As each new release comes to market they continue to impress.  Solido is great for this hobby, and in our opinion excell where Bburago once lived…

As for the models, each is crafted in good old diecast metal.  Both are budget pieces so overall execution isn’t going to satisfy those more inclined to purchase AUTOart, CMC or Exoto.  What they do provide is a respectable glimpse of classic Ford in street and race trim.  And no one can dispute the price, easily available at less than 40 Euros.  Access to the interior is the only option.  Stance, paint and decal work are decent.  Are they 100% accurate, hell no, but Solido is filling a gap and driving sales with interesting subject matter.  We’ll do a complete review of a couple of new classic Porsches soon.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Robert says:

    Big fan of the GT40, especially the MKI. The Gulf liveried cars are the most distinctive. But we shouldn’t forget the MKII, yes the ones that were shown in Ford vs Ferrari! The Ferrari 330 P might have been a really pretty car but the GT40 had tha butch look and sound about it that made it an instant classic. So if Solido makes a budget model representing these and they look decent too, I’m all for it! Way to go! Now make the car in 1969 guise (number 6)!

  2. Peter says:

    Peter says:
    Yes, now we waiht for the no 6 from mister Le Mans Jacky Ickx (Le Mans 1969).
    And not forgiting the no 8 Le Mans 1968 drivers Mairesse -Beurlys ,in the yellow collor
    Thanks solido,

  3. Rudy Baeten says:

    Given their price (40 euros), these are top models.
    Maybe not 100% accurate, but are the models in the higher price ranges completely accurate?

    The general image of the model is certainly not bad, and that is what counts.

    Solido please bring us more of this …

  4. GiansDiecasts says:

    I may be in the minority but I find these with their lack of engine detail and storage openings half-assed. Not sure if Autoart is to blame again with their racing models from the last few years (R8 LMS, AMG GT3, C7R, etc) but pretty sure it was also Autoart who started the trend of releasing sealed models about a decade or so ago (remember the Super GT models?). Soon after, Norev didn’t feel the need to release full opening road and race cars either, then GT Spirit is born somewhere along the way and starts its own resin model revolution, and now Minichamps and Kyosho have officially jumped on that bandwagon, as well. It has gradually become ‘okay’ to offer less than before and, for someone who grew up admiring and collecting full opening models, I find this extremely disappointing. Maybe newer collectors aren’t accustomed to or require those extra details but hopefully they’ll discover those older, more impressive models in the secondary market and stop buying this garbage.

    • DS Team says:

      Not AUTOart. Solido has been around longer than AUTOart, Their opening price point product has usually followed this theme. Basically who they achieve this price point alongside volume. AUTOart however, increase margin with their lack opening parts.

    • Racingfan says:

      I was very disappointed that AutoArt’s C6-R (not C7-R) was a sealed model at full price. The C7-R, on the other hand, is excellent.

  5. MLB says:

    Very nice, and very well done for such a low price! I’m a huge GT40 fan, and prefer models made at a much higher level, BUT… I have to say Solido has done a great job here for the price & volume. Very nice models.

  6. Reinaldo says:

    looking forward to the number 6 of 1969. Very good SOLIDO product, with fair value.
    Spark, the value is VERY high for a resin car. without moving parts.

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