PHOTO GALLERY: Spark Yamaha OX99-11 Presentation •

PHOTO GALLERY: Spark Yamaha OX99-11 Presentation

One of the coolest things about the hobby is discovering new automobiles you hadn’t even discovered.  This is the case with the ultra-unique and ultra-rare (three prototypes only) Yamaha OX99-11 presentation/prototype.  This one-seater supercar was the collaborated effort of Yamaha and F1 partner Ypsilon.  Outrageous styling cues, all-shaped in aluminum did propel the car 0-60 mph in just 3.2 seconds with a top speed of 217 mph, all this performance with about 400 ponies.  Quite impressive numbers for an early ’90s streetcar that did not quite make it to production (do note we hear these numbers weren’t truly proven trackside).  The plug was pulled due to cost, as a production car was approaching north of $800K.  Truly a shame, we think it’s brilliant!  And honestly, it would have been a great adversary for the McLaren F1.  Who would have been the true champ?  This is based on their F1 ties…

As for the model, this example is manufactured by Spark with 1:18 and 1:43 scale options available.  This is a first in 1:18 for the Yamaha OX99-11.  As far as execution, the standards here are above the likes of GT Spirit and almost parallel to the guys at DNA Collectibles.  To date, we believe 2-3 colours of the Yamaha OX99-11 have come to market by Spark, our example is found in Red, as any true supercar should be!

The lines of the car are accurately captured by Spark, it’s not perfect but hey what model is.  The paint execution is solid and consistent throughout too.  As for photo-etched bits, there is little, side gas filler and front emblem to be exact.  The side openings do provide a glimpse of the cooling systems, though the rear grille does not provide a view of the motor.  Overall we’re pleased with the results.  The Yamaha OX99-11 would make a great addition to any collection that is themed supercar, concept, or the weird and unusual.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. RogerLodge says:

    This is such an interesting car and I was excited when this was released but completely forgot about it. Thanks for these pictures and the write-up, this will fit in nicely with my collection of eccentric autos. I’ve never been disappointed by Spark and this looks like another win from them. I always prefer fully openable-diecast, but when it comes to resin I think Spark has the best quality/price ratio.

  2. Patrick van Bergen says:

    The OX99-11 is actually a 2-seater (though I wouldn’t want to sit in the back of that thing..). There’s a seat behind the driver, though you would need to either be 2ft tall or cut off your legs in order to sit there!

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