Progress... Almost Real Pagani •

Progress… Almost Real Pagani

Almost Real is definitely making some progress on their first ever 1:18 Pagani model.  The expected finish release will feature 360-access and the attention to detail we’ve come to note on their 1:18 series platform.  All we have to share with you today are some interior & motor elements, though the team states a full working hand-sample is around the corner.  We can’t wait!


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  1. Karsten says:

    Not THAT impressive so far. The Huayra´s interior is a piece of art, the plastic mould pics suggest that the effects will entirely depend on decals and prints.

  2. Mike D says:

    So many of these already..hmmmm; In my humble opinion nothing will even come close to the 1st generation AA, in diecast, releases of this exotic. I have two (red & white) by far the best 1/18th Huayra Pagani available without paying Amalgam prices.

  3. eminefes says:

    Very cool. The Almost Real Bentley Continental GT3R is fantastic, so this should be interesting. The Autoart Huayra is beautiful, but the only interior choice is black. It would be nice if Almost Real gives us a more colorful interior.

  4. Marcus says:

    Seems like a missed opportunity for Almost Real to not produce a Zonda range, with the exception of the AUTOart Zonda R none of the other diecast manufacturers have produced a decent road version of the Zonda. And surely it would be hugely profitable based on all the varying models that Pagani produced based on the Zonda meaning minor modifications between each model. There are a decent handful of Huarya models already available.

  5. Miguel says:

    The market it’s full of Zondas, Lambos, and many other super and exotic cars. Ofcourse that once again Almost Real will made an outstanding model, but I wish that they go more for models that are not so remembered, like OTTO, GT Spirit and DNA are doing, with success. :-)

  6. Roger Lodge says:

    I hope they hit this out of the park! Beating Autoart at their own game would have excellent ramifications for this hobby.

    • Karsten says:

      Why “would”? AR has already done exactly that with their S-Class Maybach.

    • Lausambaychua says:

      Considering all of their actual releases so far, I’d say they’ve already beaten AUTOart by a long way, just like Karsten said. What they need now is to expand their product lines while keeping – or improving – the quality that we’re familiar with.
      Having owned and held the Camel Trophy Defender 110 200Tdi in my hands, I can tell you with confidence that they will become the next AUTOart, sooner or later. The only 2 qualms I have with the Camel Trophy Defender was: 1. The roof rack looks a little bit plasticky, and more importantly 2. The interior. They reused the interior of the Heritage Defender 110s, which are powered by the Ford Puma TDCi enignes, and not the actual interior of a 200Tdi Defender. A head-scratching decision, considering they correctly modelled the engine bay after that of the 200Tdi.
      Having said that, I’m still collecting AUTOart, but I’m collecting their die-cast releases only. Some of their last die-cast pieces, e.g., Lancia Delta S4 Stradale, Honda S800,… are on my wishlist. The only Composite piece in is the BAC Mono.

  7. Wildman Bradley says:

    Everyone needs to calm down. Until you have seen the finished product, keep calm. I do believe that these next few pieces that AR will be releasing will knock our socks off. AA will take a back seat..i cant stand AA plastic toys anyways.

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