REVIEW: ACME 1972 Chevrolet Blazer K/5 •

REVIEW: ACME 1972 Chevrolet Blazer K/5

Back in January 2021, the team at ACME revealed something new, a 1972 Chevrolet Blazer K/5.  This particular model featured all-new tooling along with a lifted, 4WD version with 35″ tires.  An earlier announcement by ACME included a more traditional version of the classic Blaser K/5, that one is labelled as 1969 Chevrolet Blazer K/5 in Red/Orange.  Both models feature a good old diecast metal exterior, fully accessible, and removable top. And the price suggested at $134.95 US or about $176 CND.  The price is fair is the model on point?

ACME granted us an exclusive first look at the 1972 version.  The model is not yet in production and is scheduled for release this coming June.  The sample presented here is a pre-production painted piece, it features all the same details and features the production model will have with some possible tweaks…  What we present here will be a close representation of what the final production model will entail, and without further ado, we present the 1972 Chevrolet Blazer K/5 in Medium Blue Poly/White.

On the exterior side, the Medium Blue Poly and White are a perfect match for the Blazer K/5.  Paintwork along with the transition elements of Blue and White are very well executed. The faux wood and chrome stripping components are aligned with the period, and quite good – though neither offers a 3D perspective, here they are executed with decals. This also translates to the side indicators front and rear, though the results are convincing.

Other exterior elements that should be mentioned are photo-etched badge work, quality 3D badges, metal gas-cap and antenna and rear cab pull, these are design elements unusually reserved for higher-priced models.  As for the panel gaps and shut lines, they are decent, nothing like a modern sports car, but more in line with what Chevrolet would present in the early seventies.

Moving to the front, the main grille is crafted with metal and features a quality bow-tie badge. In behind some of the cooling details are rendered.  Please note this is a pre-production sample and the grille itself arrived on-site loose in the box.  Our ad-hoc fitment is not truly representative of the final product.  Accompanying chrome elements and headlights are very capable too.

Access to the motor is available.  The sound of the classic hinge/spring work when you open the hood is worth the price of admission, the sound is very engaging, as realistic as the original LOL.  The team was very impressed with the engineering effort here.  Once inside the motor offers up an assortment of detail, as any classic American motor would of the period.  There is much to see, overall, we like the results.

There is more, typical ACME products usually offer some exceptional detailing to the undercarriage, the Blazer K/5 does not disappoint.  Views of the motor, exhaust, transfer case, dana axles, and suspension bits are some of the findings here.  For those that may ask, the suspension is static.

The rear tailgate is functional too. Again, ACME offers up a very impressive mechanism to open and close.  The look and operation are flawless on our example.  The faux wood panelling makes an appearance here with the Chevrolet logo in centre – results here are very good!

The wheels are massive, and definitely provide an ingredient of masculinity.  To be honest we love the results and would prefer the larger wheelset over their traditional 1969 alternative.  Tires themselves are hard plastic – this is a good thing for longevity on display.  The side profile also features the appropriate labels.  And finally, the wheels are steerable too.

Accessing the interior can be done by removing the top or by the functional doors.  The removable top is crafted in hard plastic material and the rear access door is fixed.  Not sure what the production version will feature, we suspect the same.  Keeping the roof in place is achieved with four simple slots in the upper body rear panel.  Fit and finish are solid as the photos will show.

The exterior does present some solid craftsmanship, the interior does it even better!  The attention to detail is definitely found here.  The simple things like fabric seat-belts with metal buckles and carpeting are found, with piece well executed.  Move to the induvial door cards and the faux wood panel with door pulls and manual window cranks add to the authenticity.

This level of commitment extends to the dash and centre console.  We appreciate the level of fine details in the instrument cluster, radio, HVAC and more.  ACME even captured the funky pattern of the era in the seats – see above photo.  Also, the front seats also provide a pull forward feature to access the rear seats.  Exceptional!

We don’t see many ACME products here are  And something new from ACME doesn’t happen quite often within the endless parade of mould re-incarnations – and we’re not saying that is a negative thing either.  That being said, our team is extremely impressed with the results of the 1972 Chevrolet Blazer K/5.  The passion and level of execution are truly genuine, and the results here do show a solid effort.  Now, how historically accurate the model may be is up for debate – we think it’s a gem.  ACME does find a way to keep the price low and the production level high.  At under $200 CND, this model should resonate well with classic Americana fans and SUV fans alike.  This one is going on the buy list.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Terrence says:

    Thanks for the review and the video. Congratulations to ACME for what looks like a very fine representation of the real thing.

  2. Veneno says:

    Gorgeous model! Thank you for the photos and review.

  3. Robert says:

    Nice to see some new stuff coming from these guys! People are still waiting for the 1970 SuperBee though. The execution on this looks pretty nice. We’re lucky it’s Acme/GMP and not the parent company that’s producing this! Lets have other variations with custom wheels!

  4. Sac says:

    Nice review. A very compelling buy, this one..

  5. JIMMY says:

    Nice review! As you mentioned, perhaps it looks better in person, but the wheels still look too cartoonish for me from the side profile. Nevertheless, it does look better from different angles. Although the execution is good, still wished the suspension and side marker lights were better, but that’s not going to deter me from this one.

    I am glad they are releasing a regular grade one as well, and that’s probably the one for me. I really hope their “restomod” or “street fighter” series gets ahold of this one in the future as well, as it would lighten my wallet a bit more.

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