REVIEW: Almost Real Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousine •

REVIEW: Almost Real Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousine

Much of the focus from Almost Real here at in review has centred around their modern and classic SUV interruptions, today we get our first chance to see their luxury side, with this we present Almost Real’s version of Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousine by Mulliner.  The model is based on the 2017 car and features diecast metal panels with a mix of plastic and metal parts.  Access is full 360 and is definitely appreciated at this price point.  Suggested retail $268 US.

The exterior colour on our example is called Light Claret Over Claret.  If this colour doesn’t meet your standard or appreciation, there is also Onyx (Black) and Silver Frost Moroccan Blue in the mix.  Speaking of paint that is the first thing that strikes you out of the box next to the sheer overall size.  Paint application is excellent, the transition of dark to light is poetry.  This majestic beast stretches about 14.5” inches, definitely a solute to the Grand in the name, Grand Limousine.

As for the overall exterior execution, we must say the model connects!  The shutlines and panels gaps throughout are some of the best we’ve seen.  And dare we say better than AUTOart’s composite series.  Are they as solid as the original, heck no, but can anyone deliver as good as Bentley themselves?  No LOL.

If there was one element of the exterior we would have preferred to see, likely the access to the fuel.  This added bonus when have elevated the model just that little bit more.  Nonetheless, the model is a silhouette of style and luxury.

Moving to the front side of the Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousine the definition of detail is seen through many of the car’s elements.  Centre grille is fully perforated; add a little light and the cooling apparatus is revealed in behind.  Lower grille craftsmanship are gems along with the available exterior lighting.  We need to mention the very desirable definition and accuracy of the fenders, Almost Real does capture the design admirably (front and rear).

The motor area is fully accessible.  As mentioned earlier the shutlines are excellent and operation of the hood, open and close is flawless.  This is aided with a small button located underneath the model.  Once inside the mammoth beast is revealed.  Now for those that say modern motors can’t be detailed, well Almost Real proves otherwise.  Quality hood struts are visible along with upgraded hinges.  The area surrounding the motor itself is also carefully defined with grilles and appropriate badging.

The motor block or what is exposed has excellent paint definition to truly define the heads and intake tubing.  In short, they look like metal and not plastic.  And the team goes a step further, all the exposed Black piping actually has the OEM codes imprinted (see above image).  Uber cool!

The rear is a delight too.  Dual tips protrude from the underside of the bumper.  The taillights are true jewels with infinite detail.  Access to the truck is provided, with a small surprise inside.

All this luxury requires the appropriate luggage, and Almost Real does provide two pieces.  Inside the surrounding area is covered wall to wall in carpeting.  We need to mention the absolutely fantastic engineering in the trunk lid.  The back and up motion is flawless, smooth a silk.  And the defining shutlines are near perfect.

The Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousine shoes are 21 inches in size.  The effort here mirrors the original well, right down to the exterior paint match within the out perimeter of the wheel detail.  A negative note, no exterior lettering is found on the tires.  Braking components are present, but due to the bulky nature of the rim all is hidden in behind.  Also, all four corners are spring-loaded, so this Grand Limousine is equipped with an active suspension!

Inside the Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousine, the carpeting matching the exterior Light Claret colour.  Fabric seat-belts adore each seat too.  The front half of the interior is matching the Light Claret colour from the carpet this extends to the seats.  Dash, centre console and door cards are effortlessly appointed as the photos will elaborate. A positive nod to the Mulliner team for sure.  The front seats do provide adjustment front and back, that is the extent of the over and above features we can see.

The rear cabin even more spacious than the front has the seating crafted in a Beige/Champagne finish.  The level of detail is definitely on par.  None of the available luxuries of fold-out tables and soft drink cabinet is expressed in the open position or functional.  Note the wood trim throughout the interior, this is even mimicked within the interior’s roofline.  Love the attention to detail!

The Almost Real Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousine by Mulliner is nothing less than spectacular.  The Almost Real team continues to demonstrate class, excellent fit and finish, and value can still be had based on today’s scale model culture. This is an example that enthusiasts of Bentley will cherish and appreciate for years to come.

We do realize, we are not the source experts for Bentley, but the results here are justified and speak for themselves.  In short, and as one would expect this scale representation of the Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousine by Mulliner comes highly recommended by the team.  A definite contender for the overall DS 2020 model of the year or at least finalist.  If the Light Claret Over Claret exterior is the desired choice, do not wait to act, this one will only see 500 pieces worldwide.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Michael D says:

    These types of vehicles have just not been in style of collecting. But THIS ONE is super tempting – May just have to get one in these colors. Brilliant example indeed. Went to their site – not listed as of yet.

  2. Kevin says:

    I cant understand why they canceled the Brabus GLS 850 and the S63 AMG… I hope someone will make an fully opening RS3 or M2. I am getting sick of those sealed models

    • DS Team says:

      The Audi S and RS badges along with the M series from BMW are definitely lacking in the full open category. If Almost Real could tap into volume with collector and dealer editions this might soften the R&D $$

  3. Karsten says:

    Thank you for this review. It is an oustandingly excellent model. Would have loved to write the review, but mine isn´t here yet. Another thing I noticed is the progress AR are making on the rear lights. They are better than on previous models. I would forgive them for not doing the fold-out tables and openable drink cabinet. When you look at the real thing, you see, that it might have spoilt some of the realism, as they would have had to be extremely delicate to be realistic. Interior-wise, hardly anyone can hold a candle to AR. Really looking forward to adding this to my collection.

    The excellence of it is reflected by how many people add to a wishlist of what they’d like AR to make. They, however, need to be careful to not again announce too many and then have to cancel. My suggestion, keep doing Bentleys: AA don’t wish to compete and Norev aren´t anywhere near in quality. New Flying Spur and Continentals sounds like a recipee as the originals have what AR are able to replicate so well. BMW generations are too short-lived. Have just bought an M4 convertible for less than half the price. Dealer editions often seem to be made by Norev now, e.g. Mercedes, even Bentley, just as if they were on a budget now. AR can´t make dealer editions for manufacturers offering a wide variety of cars, like VW, Ford, Mercedes. AR´s production volumes don´t cover the full range of these mass producing car makers. That´s why Bentley would be ideal. Or Pagani, if they decided to sell the models online as they don´t have so many showrooms.

  4. flathead says:

    Looks spectacular; on a par with AA’s initial set of Maybachs.
    Especially notable are the wheels shadowed in body color, the taillights, and the bisected, dual-tone interior, all captured accurately by your photographer.

  5. Aaron says:

    If Almost Real is never going to dish out the Jags they promised, considering how many Bentleys they release, then they should at least give us the Bentley Speed 8 that won the 2003 Le Mans. Sister car too. And unlike the Autoart releases, MAKE THEM WITH FULLY OPENING PARTS. Are you hearing this, Almost Real? If you are, then PLEASE at least consider making the Bentley Speed 8 w/opening parts and I’ll be thankful to you forever

  6. Henry Chen says:

    Yes. AR seems to be most suited to making exclusive cars like Bentley, Pagani and Maybach. With this type of details and workmanship, I also believe that AR can make Rolls Royce model cars and do justice to the brand. Hey AR, how about a 1:18 Rolls Royce Cullinan (diecast metal with opening features)? I think no one has ever made this car in 1:18 yet. It would be super cool if AR makes this car with functioning tailgate seats which is an iconic feature of the real car. And speaking of Bentleys, how about a 1:18 Bentley Hunaudieres?

    • ALEX says:

      I heard that Rolls Royce is only going now for high end craftsmanship for limited edition models… It is company policy now and it will impact the licencing of scale models (not toys).
      They used to have Kyosho and Minichamps for the main market (1:43 and 1:18).
      There is a 1:18 Cullinan in the pipeline from a relatively unknown manufacturer, but I also heard some rumors about pricing starting around 900 USD… fortunately it will be with openings not like the 1:18 HH Phantom VIII made of resin and priced around 1000USD.

  7. As a huge Bentley fan, I would like to see an Arnage Final Series and a Turbo RT added to the list… Plus, it is currently frustrating for us in Europe (France here) because the latest Almost Real models are not yet available here (I probably will buy all three Grand Limousine variants!), and buying directly from Shangai – which I did successfully in the past – is currently not an option because of huge delays and COVID 19 restrictions…

  8. Thumper_Kern says:

    Great write-up! I have this model, and the AR Mulsanne (lt grn/dk grn) on order. I can’t wait to get both in hand. If I love this Lt Claret/Claret version, I may have to add the silver/blue version to my fleet as well.

    I do hope that AR makes the new 2020 Flying Spur, which looks so much better than the previous model.

    • Karsten says:

      I agree about recommending the new Flying Spur to be made by AR. Spectacular car deserves nothing less than AR replication in scale. Unfortunately, Bentley make Norev theur dealer edition instead of taking the more Bentley adequate AR models, although Bentley and Mulliner are involved in getting the models as accurate as they are. Pity!

  9. ALEX says:

    BTW. any of you guys could recommend a decently priced display case (acrylic / plastic does not need to be fancy) that would fit this model. I am finding difficult to get a display case that is about 380 mm long to fit this model. Most of them are between 310 mm and 360 mm.
    I mean I could go for the 100+ USD 1:12 cases but that would be overkill (price wise and space wise).
    One thing we could recommend to AR is to make also display cases :)

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