REVIEW: Almost Real BRABUS 550 Adventure MB G-Class 4×4² •

REVIEW: Almost Real BRABUS 550 Adventure MB G-Class 4×4²

As 2019 draws to a close a number of new releases are parading collectors for the Q4 Christmas season.  One of these is the latest issue from Almost Real and their version of 1:18 scale BRABUS 550 Adventure Mercedes-Benz G-Class 4×4².  We’re not usually a fan of BRABUS tuned vehicles, as we find them, gaudy, too flashy, and attention-seeking.  With this piece, we find a perfect balance, the upgrades are more subtle and to our liking.  The overall definition of this BRABUS SUV is to enhance the overall features, add a touch of elegance, go everywhere people hauler!

Two colours of the 550 Adventure will be issued by Almost Real.  The one we highlighted here is called Metallic Grey and the second is good old Black.  Whatever exterior poison you settle for or can get your hands on, you will not be disappointed.  Since we’re on the topic of paint we’ll start here.  The execution of our sample is flawless and consistent throughout.  The exterior is comprised of painted and carbon fibre elements, materials are metal and plastic of course.

Based on the images and video we studied high marks go to Almost Real in capturing the beauty of the 550 Adventure in scale, the accuracy level is very good, this comes down to the granular details as well, on which we will elaborate more throughout the review.

Moving to the front of the vehicle a massive wench takes front and centre.  This one is functional too! And all appropriate badges/decals are present.  All opening within the front fascia is matched with metal grilles.  Exceptional attention to detail is given to the upper centre area with the exposed features in behind.  Headlight detail is fabulous with a defined bulb structure and LED definition on the lower two sections.  Finally, the unique BRABUS badge is found and centre.

If we haven’t mentioned this, the 550 Adventure is a fully 360-access model and then some…  Motor compartment is accessible but before we investigate the internals, we wanted to mention some of the exterior sights.  First, the centre elevated section of the hood is layered with carbon fibre, the weave is tight and well-executed – with the opening just behind completed with a metal, perforated grille.  Note the turn signals with protective covers on each corner.  Each side also features extended air apparatus for those getting into deep waters.  Each is profiled with BRABUS badge.  Also, note the authentic metal weaved cables on each side that runs from the front of the vehicle to the upper section.  There is much here to enjoy, and much is well defined and executed!

Once you open the hood, which is aided by one single strut; a slight swift lift at the end engages the lock position.  Inside you reveal a massive motor framed with Red and Yellow engine finishing covers.  Good marks again to Almost Real for the overall definition.  Their use of materials and colour really paints an excellent picture of the engine and surrounding elements.

The rear finds the same level of excellence.  Looking at the spare tire first.  It is mounted on an independent structure.  Usually, this apparatus is affixed to the door, here, Almost Real goes one step further and provides independent function separate from the door.  Operation is aided by a single magnet that keeps all safe and sound.

The rear door is mounted on two hinges, operation on our example was flawless (this includes shutlines and panel gaps).  Inside the interior reveals a fully carpeted with rear storage compartments area on the right side.  More on the interior below.  If we had one complaint here, it would be the off-centre positioning of the lower Black rear bumper guard/bars.

Before we go inside we wanted to reveal more of the unique features of the 550 Adventure.  First, each side of the vehicle provides truly functional side steps or power board.  The operation here is flawless and solid in function.  See the video we provided for a totally different perspective.

The BRABUS 550 Adventure Mercedes-Benz G-Class 4×4² presents a true working suspension.  Articulation is independent at all four corners however the overall up and down movement is limited for scale, though the overall effect is quite awe-inspiring.

Attention to detail is found throughout the suspension components, some of which are revealed from above and most require a closer inspection from below.  This is what you’re paying north of $280 US for folks. And it shows!  Heavy-duty dual coil-over shocks are life-like in design, each pair is defined in Red with White springs.  The effect is uber cool!

Underneath the model reveals a wealth of detail, something that was part and parcel with the hobby years back, today not so much.  Carefully defined engine and transmission section, front and rear independent drive shaft for the AWD system, and highly detailed exhaust workings truly demonstrate how Almost Real maximized the complete 360 effort here.  We love the passion!

Wheels are massive and rightly so.  They are executed in hard plastic-like material.  Likely a good thing for long-term display, as traditional rubber may soften and flatten over time with the added weight of the majestic beast.  Rims are on par with the rest of the model.  Nice definition of the surface detail and in behind a pop of Red from the large calipers.

Access to the interior is provided with all four doors.  Precision work is found on the authentic dual hinges.  Each door on our sample worked without issue, and shutlines and panel gaps are excellent through.  On a side note, it seems Almost Real did listen to us.  We mentioned in the review of the Land Rover Defender back in 2018 that they should practice better quality shipping tape to secure the opening bits.  We definitely see the update here with the 550 Adventure.

Full carpeting and fabric-belts are provided here.  Doors, dash and centre console are beautifully executed.  The use of material, textures and paint definitely elevates the overall impression.  Carbon elements are present too, the finer details in the doors, dash and rear seating centre console all provide a particularly grand effort.  Seats provide the textured look in White and feature the BRABUS logo in the top headrest and lower seat section.  This White texture extends to the rear of the cabin and doors.  The overall picture is exemplary of the price.

The Almost Real BRABUS 550 Adventure Mercedes-Benz G-Class 4×4² is a marvel for the senses.  The team shines with their amazing attention to detail and those added special elements are terrific, to say the least.  This model takes us back to the glory days of collecting… where form, function and passion were all about releasing the best possible scale representation.  Almost Real has done that and then some.  There is no surprise the team at Almost Real took 2018 Model of the Year.  Their latest venture, the BRABUS 550 Adventure Mercedes-Benz G-Class 4×4² is worthy of the same accolades and will definitely be granted space for the 2019 edition.  Enjoy the pics!

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10 Responses to "REVIEW: Almost Real BRABUS 550 Adventure MB G-Class 4×4²"

  1. Karsten says:

    Thanks for the review. Good to know that our friends at AR are still making top quality despite of it all. Not my subject matter here, though, as Brabus bad assness and serious offroading don’t go together IMHO. I am looking forward to the S class Brabus and my dirty version Camel Trophy Defender 110 instead. Some fine day …

  2. Deniro88 says:

    Contrary to Karsten’s frustration, I love this piece and think Almost Real is excelling. Yes delays are unfortunate however the End result has been impressive with both the Mulsanne WO edition and this piece. I’m definitely looking forward to their Huayras and the Mulsanne EWB. This definitely deserved model of the year. An impressive beast indeed.

  3. Roger Lodge says:

    I’m in the same camp as my friend, Karsten. EXCELLENT looking model, but no interest in the subject matter for me either. Anyway, keep up the good work Almost Real.

  4. Astronat says:

    Definitely one of the top 3 for the model of the year. I suppose tow rope works too?

  5. Scott says:

    What a Monster I love it, great review!

  6. Lausambaychua says:

    Almost Real made this model in 2 versions: one is equipped with BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain KM3 37×12.50R18LT and Brabus Monoblock HD 18″ rims, which is the version being reviewed here, the other one is equipped with the Pro Comp Xtreme MT2 37×12.50R18LT and Mercedes-Benz CTIS-compatible 18″ beadlock rims from the Mercedes-Benz/Brabus G 63 6×6. At the time of this review, the only color available for the second version was Matte Black.
    I just took delivery of the second version in Monza Gray yesterday, and damn, do the wheels look perfect on the model. Much better than the 22″ rims + tires setup of the “stock” Mercedes-Benz G 500 4×42.

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